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The Ultimate Flickr Tools Hacks and Scripts Database

 UltimateFlickrTools The Ultimate Flickr Tools Database?  As of this posting date, this post includes more than 350 different tools, hacks and scripts to use with flickr.  And when I started gathering this list I was naive enough to think this list would have about 100 tools total...

Over the past several years I've used Flickr as my photo website of choice.   During this time, I've book marked and compiled a never-ending list of flickr tools, hacks and userscripts that enhance and complement the already powerful flickr site.  This past week after scouring the web to fill any holes I might have in my database and categorize the list to make it more useful to my reader.  Today I am sharing that list with you.  Mind you this isn't the first time a listing of flickr add-ons has been posted on the web, but I think this listing is the most complete and organized listing of flickr tools, hacks and scripts compiled to date.

Feel free to comment at the end of the post to let me know if I missed any flickr tools that have been useful to you, if you think I've miss-categorized anything below or if you notice any links that are broken.

If you haven't yet used Flickr and you have any digital photos at all, I strongly recommend that you give the service a try.

The Webware blog has an excellent primer on flickr:  Newbies Guide to Flickr.  And Lifehacker has another great guide on getting started with flickr:  Tips for Flickr Beginners.  For the more advanced flickr users, Lifehacker has:  Tips for Advanced Flickr Users.  Another useful resource for flickr fans is the official flickr blog.

One last note.  This listing includes some entries that are labeled "GM Script".  Any of these tools require the most excellent firefox web browser as well as Greasemonkey.  Both are free and highly recommended as well.  Without further delay I give you what I'm calling the Ultimate Flickr Tools, Hacks & Scripts Database:

Upload Tools
Flickr Uploadr (official) Upload photos to flickr with Windows or Mac
1001 Mac uploader - notifies when new photos are uploaded.
Auto Upload to Flickr Script Lifehacker shows how to use a python script to auto-upload photos to Flickr
FireFlix Uploads & manages flickr photos for Firefox
Flickr Automator Action Auto uploader for flickr
Flickr Finder for Mac Navigate flickr photos with Mac
Flickr Upload Upload images to flickr via the command line
Flickr Uploadr (Linux) Upload photos from Linux
FlickrBooth Upload your Mac Photobooth photos to flickr


Flickr Folder Monitr

Upload photos to flickr by e-mail

Watches selected folder/s & uploads photos in that folder to Flickr - monitors for new photos as well

FlickrShop Upload photos from Adobe Photoshop (Mac Version) to flickr
FlickrSync Monitor image folders on your computer & syncs content to your flickr acct
Glimmr An open source photo uploader for flickr
Grabbr Streamline taking screenshots and then uploading them to your Flickr account
GratePic Open Source, cross platform tool to post, comment and rate photos on flickr
Importer Upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets.
JUploadr Upload photos from Windows, Mac & Linux to flickr & zooomr
Photo Desktop for Flickr Desktop image edit (rotate, flip, tag, name, batch resize) then upload to flickr
Photobox export to Flickr  GM script - export photos from photobox to flickr
Picasa2Flickr Upload your picasa photos to flickr
PictureSync Upload photos with metadata using iPhoto and iView MediaPro.
Send2Flickr Windows explorer extension - upload to flickr right from windows explorer
Shozu Upload photos to flickr with your mobile
Upload by Phone Upload photos to flickr with your mobile
Uploader for Gnome Nautilus Nautilus script for uploading photos to flickr using the gnome file manager Upload photos using python
UploadrXL Upload photos to flickr & add them directly to sets of groups
Waymarkr Mobile phone app that tags & uploads your cameraphone pics straight to flickr
WebImager Takes screenshots & auto-uploads them to flickr
Yahoo Widget Uploader Yahoo! widget - upload photos to flickr
ZoneTag Upload photos to flickr with geotags
Export/Download Tools
AutoDownloadr Customize download of flickr photos, create fullscreen slideshow
Flickr Explorer Mass downloader of flickr photos
FlickrBuddy View & download your contact's most interesting pictures
FlickrDown Download photos from Flickr
FlickrFaves Download high-resultion versions of your Flickr favorites
Flippr Flickr photo downloader



Saleen Flickr Downloader


Transfer photos from one photo service to another (including metadata)

Another flickr downloader app

Twaingle Insert flickr photos into applications using the TWAIN interface (like a scanner)
Photo Search
CloudMe Enter a search term and get yahoo, flickr and YouTube results
Color Selectr Find Creative Commons licensed photographs by their colors and rate them.
Colr Pickr Searches flickr for images using only a color wheel, and no other search fields
Find Photos Like Your Favorites Find photos similar to your favorites
Flickr Search Firefox A flickr search for firefox web browser
Flickr Time Machine Search Search past years of flickr
FlickrBox JS Flickr and lightbox javascript tool - search for photographs on flickr
FlickrLilli Search for Creative Commons License tagged photos
FlickrNotFrisk Search & display photos by tag - save photos by clicking on search results.
FlickrStorm Search by type of Creative Commons license, view & save them
Flyr Search flickr, google maps and google earth for geotagged photos
Maps See geotagged photos on a google maps mashup
Mobile Tag Search An alternative mobile version of flickr search that allows you to search by tag
Palette Generator Choose a photo and a palette of colors based on the colors in a photo
People Finder View flickr people on a map-like inteface
Photo Search (Official Flickr Tool) Flickr's official photo search
PiciShare Alternative flickr search engine
Picture Sandbox Search flickr, webshots and
Popular International Tags List of popular intl tags translated from their native languages into english
PostIt Board Input keywords, gets photos from flickr & shows photos on the cork board
Retrievr Draw a sketch and it searches for the photo
SearchCrystal Search/compare multiple photos  & visualize images sharing tags
SpahkPix Mobile search based on tags or a random sampling of interesting photos
Tagnautica Explore related tags visually
TagTV Find flickr photos & youtube videos by tag
Tiltomo Search for photos based on tag or random - from a few distinct databases
WorldInPictures Find pictures near any location (use name, address, lat long or zip)
Browse, Display Photos
Associatr Browse related tags
Depictr Type music lyrics or poems & get related flickr images
Findr Browse photos with a start tag. Then “drill down” through related tags
Flickeur Film-style viewer of flickr images with music - very unique
Flickr Browser Browse user's pictures on flickr, with custom sorting
Flickr Light Browse all the interesting flickr photos of the day on one page
Flickr Numbers Enter a number, get that number of photos from that day
Flickr River Constant stream of Flickr's 'interesting' photos

Flickr Viewer

Flickr Watch

View a flickr photo set in SimpleViewer, a popular flash photo viewing tool.

View Flickr photos real-time as they are uploaded

Flickr Random Displays random photos by user, contacts, group etc.
Flickr's Main Photo Page The main flickr photo viewing web page
Flickr's Mobile Photo Page The flickr mobile viewing page
Flock - Flickr Web Browser Flickr's Web Browser with built-in Flickr feature
Hive Mind Search & display photos with thumbnails by Tags, Text, Username, etc
Interestingness Browser See the most interesting pictures of a flickr user
Interestingness GM Script GM script: How interesting your Flickr photos are, relative to each other
LfVr Lightweight flickr photo viewer
Montager Photo mosaics using flickr tags in a flash interface.
Nostalgia Search , create new photo sets & synchronize Vista desktop with flickr
Original Viewer Retrieve original size photo from url
Postcard Browser Interface to browse photos by tag in a postcard view
Psynchr Synchronises multiple flickr photosets-displays on timeline side-by-side
Random Photo Viewer View random photos from flickr
Related Tag Browser Browse photos based on tag you input
Retrieve Original Size Retrieve original size photo from url
Second Life Flickr Browse flickr photos in second life
Spell with Flickr Generates one picture per letter
Splashr Present flickr photos by name, tag, set etc - customize display
Surf your Flickr Photos An alternative way of viewing your flickr photos - on the flickr site itself




Browse most recent 100 photos in the “interestingness” collection.

A site that allows you to visually browse photos by tag

Yahoo Pipes RSS Subscribe Using yahoo pipes to subscribe to flickr photos
Slideshows, Desktop Background Changers, Photo Album Viewers & Screensavers
123flickr Create slideshow of your flickr photos with code to put on your website
Background Switcher Changes background of your computer using flickr photos
Bookr Create slideshow is in the format of a book where the pages flip like a book
Dashboard Viewer Mac dashboard widget - displays 3 random photos from user's Flickr stream
DeskFlickr Desktop Flickr ScreenSaver
DeskLickr Mac app to set flickr photos to your mac desktop
DHTML Badge DHTML implementation of Flickr’s flash badge widget w/customization options
DHTML Badge Wordpress Plugin Same as the DHTML Badge above, but does it automatically for Wordpress.
Flapi Flash image gallery to integrate in your blog, website
Flash Photo Flipbook Photojojo blog shows how to use Jumpcut to make photo flipbook in 15 min
Flickr Album Maker Build an album & slideshow & output HTML code to embed to web
Flickr Notifier RSS Feed displays images in your RSS reader or desktop in real time
Flickr Screen Saver Uses Flickr photos as a windows screen saver
Flickr Wallpaper Desktop wallpaper changer - downloads photos based on tags
FlickrSavr Mac OSX screensaver using flickr photos
FlickrSlidr Slideshows for blog or website using flickr photos
FlickrTags Like FlickrTV except it shows you tags of photos uploaded to flickr in real time
FlickrTV View photos uploaded to flickr in real-time in a slideshow format
GLFlickrShow Fullscreen slideshows with smooth transition effects
Imageloop Configure slideshow, publish to the web and it updates automatically daily
Loopy Flash screensaver for your windows or mac computer
Magic Lantern Yahoo widget - desktop background image changer
Mosaica Customizable screensaver that displays photos from flickr in a mosaic format
Photo Album Wordpress Plugin Display your Flickr photosets as albums on your WordPress site.
Photo Wall Constantly changing photo display
PicLens Firefox Plugin - full-screen web slideshow & image search engine
PictoBrowsr Allows the display of pictures stored on flickr on a site or blog. 
RSS Feeds RSS Feeds for photos with multiple tags in flickr
RSS Saver RSS Feed displays images in your RSS reader or desktop in real time
ScreenSvr Grabs flickr photos & show as screensaver slideshow in windows
Slickr Album app uses flickr photos - very customizable
Slideroll Slideshow maker - create, publish, e-mail photo slideshows
Slideshow Create a slideshow from images then share it with your friends.
Slideshow Generator Make a slideshow with your flickr photos with additional options
Slideshowr Make a slideshow with your flickr photos with additional options
Slideshowr 2 Flash based, full-screen slideshow (used in  digital picture frames etc)
Smooth Slideshow Shows a "smooth" slideshow based on tags and/or usernames
Stream Shows steady stream of photos left-to-right as they are uploaded to flickr
Wallpaper Make your own desktop background with a calendar.
Wallpapr View and download high resolution desktop wallpapers based on any tag
Webuilder Desktop wallpaper changer for Linux
Flickr Tag & GeoTag Tools
CloudTagFlickr Make a tag cloud from your flickr tags
FlickrFly Script - take geotagged flickr photo to show location in Google Earth.
FlickrMetadataSynchr Synchronize metadata from flickr photos with original images on hard drive
FotoTagger Annotate and search "tags" on photos and upload those photos to flickr
Geotag via Google Earth GM script - add geotags to your flickr photos via Google Earth
GeoTagging Multimap GM script - add geotags to your worldwide flickr via
GeoTagging Streetmap GM script - add geotags to your UK flickr photos via
GETracker Tool that uses Google Earth to generate "geotags" for images in Flickr.
GMIF Embed a google maps in flickr & display on map
iTag IPTC editor - add title, desc & keyword tags to photos.
Localize Browser Bookmarklet enables mapping, geocoding and geotagging
Smark An alternative web interface to quickly tag your photos on flickr 
We Map Flickr Maps flickr photos on Google maps.

Online Photo Editing



Online app to Edit & add effects to your photos then upload to flickr

Foto Crib Import flickr photos, edit them and export back to flickr
Phixr Upload photos or access your flickr, photobucket, picasa etc. photos
PicNic Online photo editor that works with flickr & other services
Picture2Life Upload photos or access your flickr and other online source using this app
Pixenate Edit your photos online and export to Flickr
Preloadr Online image processing and photo optimization of Flickr photos
Snipshot Edit your photos online & save to computer or to flickr
Organize Flickr Photos, Sets Etc
Organize (Official Flickr Tool) Flickr's official photo organizing page

Flickr Set Manager

Automatically create new sets on flickr based on various criteria

Larger Description Edit


GM Script to make the photo description editor much larger

Create smart sets based on tags, text, date taken, or date uploaded

Super Batch Processing Script - provides a "shopping cart" for you to collect your photos to process
Titles+Descriptions Batch Tools  GM script - edit the titles and descriptions of a batch of images more easily.
Transform Photos
Bead Art Convert photos into unique bead art.
Billboard Put photos on various billboards.
Breast Cancer Awareness Turn photost into a Breast Cancer Awareness Poster
Bubble Caption Add caption "bubbles" to photos - import from flickr
Bubblr Add cartoon "bubbles" to flickr photos to make comic strip
Captioner Add captions (speech baloon or thought bubble)
Chia Pet Grow hair on photos - like a chia pet :)
Clockr Uses random digit images from Flickr to display the current time
Create Circles Create circular photos
Easter Egg Make easter egg-shaped photos
Flickr Framr Put photos on frames such as a postage stamp, canvas, film and many others
FlickrFling Select news feed & it shows images to go along with the text.
FlickrFont Convert text into images using photographs of letters and punctuation
FlickrLeech View large page of flickr photos tiled on a page - view by date, username etc.
Flickr News Matches flickr photos by relevance to current news stories from yahoo news
FlickrReplacr Bookmarklet that replaces words with a photo of that word.
FlickrTime Takes recent photos & generates dynamic digital clock with those photos.
Gickr Create an Animated Gif from Your Flickr photos
Hockneyizer Create collage from single photograph
LOLCats Make an LOLCat
Magazine Cover Transform photos into a magazine cover
Mosaic Maker Make a mosaic with your photos
Mosaickr Make mosaics from your flickr pictures, and for a fee, print them on posters.
Motivator Make your own motivational poster
Movie Poster Make a movie poster
MuseumR See your photos in famous Museums
On Black Change flickr background to plain all-black or all-white background
Photo Fortune A fortune served up with a random digital photograph from Flickr.
PhotoBooth Composr Take flickr photos and make a photobooth strip
Phrasr Write a phrase & it displays photos related to each word in your phrase
Ransomizr Generates one picture per letter
Rubiks Cube Make a rubiks cube from your photos
Sketchr Convert photos to pencil sketches
Trading Card Maker Make trading card from your photo
Turn Your Photos Old Make your photos look old
Warholizer Simulates the false color and silkscreen "Warhol effect"
Watermarker Add a watermark to your flickr photos
AlphaLearnr Flickr Mashup which helps children to learn English Alphabet through photos
Fastr Game that shows you photos and you guess the tags before other people do.
Fillustrator Write a story and each word is illustrated with an image from Flickr.
Flickr Fight Type in two words and the winner is the most popular tag on Flickr.
Flickr Sodoku 1 Sodoku using flickr images with lots of options, difficulty settings and a solver
Flickr Sodoku 2 Game that uses sodoku using flickr images
FlickrBall Scavenger-hunt game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
FlickrCombat (not for kids) Hot or Not for flickr - choose the photo you like best
Flictionary Type your guesses, flickr will listen and help you draw new photos.
Guess the Name Quicker you guess the title, the more points you earn
Memry Flickr rendition of the old memory game.
Name That Contact Quiz-how well do you know your Flickr contacts?


Photo Slider Game

Use your arrow keys to move across the gameboard and "munch" photos

A Firefox Greasemonkey Script that adds a game button to your photo toolbar.  Play a puzzle, slider game with any flickr photo

Tagman Hangman game for Flickr tags. 
Wordmingle Daily vocabulary and pictures from Flickr according to each word.
Customize the Flickr User Interface

Desktop Organizer - Gnome

EXIF Decorator

On/offline mgt of flickr via desktop interface for Gnome


Add a translucent overlay w/ EXIF info to a photo when you hover over it

Flickr MiniToolbar


GM script - insets toolbar across the top of Flickr photo pages only

Flickr Quick Links  GM script - adds user definable links to the top of every page on Flickr.
Flickr Shades  GM script - changes background color of flickr to black and the text to white.
Flickr TopToolbar GM script - insets toolbar across the top of all Flickr pages


Remove Spaceball.gif


Manage photos on your Flickr site via gnome desktop

How to use right-click (firefox & opera only) to copy the web address and/or downlaod the photo.  Typically doing so will give you the "spaceball.gif" to prevent you from doing this.

Tools Related to Flickr Contacts, Groups, Mail etc

Buddy Icon Reply V3


GM script - automate replies in flickr with HTML

Shows your flickr contacts on a Yahoo! Map (US)

Favorite Finder Shows a users favorites (search by username, email address or user id.
Flickr Contacts Organizer GM Script - tag  flickr contacts to keep up with their photostreams

Flickr DNA



Flickrati Lite

Gathers public information about any Flickr member, analyzes it, organizes it

GM script - Requests Technorati Cosmos for any photo

GM script - Adds Technorati Cosmos button to photo toolbar

Flickr Graph Visually explore the social relationships inside flickr
Group Pool Cleaner Linker GM script - adds link to group pool cleaner tool for all group pool pages
Group Promotion Tool  GM script - adds select box with pre written comments
Group Tracker GM Script - track which discussion threads you have participated in.
Mail Manager GM script - adds some Flickr Mail Management tools
Mail To  GM script - adds mail icon above photos, and "send page" link on every page
Multi Mailer GM script that lets you send Flickr Mail to multiple recipients.
Multi-Group Sender GM Script to send your images to multiple groups.
Flickr PM GM script - adds icon links to PM or e-mail from page
Flickr Quoter GM script - quote people more easily in the flickr groups,forums and flickrmail.
Flickr RSS Reader v2 Reads RSS feeds from flickr using flash interface.
Flickr Users in this Photo  GM script - shows user icon next to photo when user added to photo
FlickRatr Rate Photos from flickr - can do this by user or on any flickr photos
FlickrBuddy Shows you random flickr buddy icons on a stick-man
Group Browser Explore the relationships between Flickr groups
Group Pool Admin:Warn+Delete GM Script - remove images from group pool, delete users images from pool
Group Trackr Track and plot growth statistics for Flickr public groups.
Group/Forum Inline Post Editor  GM script - edit or delete your posts on flickr groups and forums
Groupr Allows you to view recent photos from all of your (or anyone else's) groups.
Notifyr Subscribe to a Flickr photo page w/ e-mail notifications
Photo Favorers GM script - adds widget box to display the favorers of current photo
Pool Cleaner Choose a group and then click individual photos to remove them.
Quick View of Photo Comments Script -  quick view of photo comments without entering the photo page
Recent Comments in Flickr Show recent photo comments without going to an inner page
RSS feeds for indiv group/forum GM script - adds a link to the RSS feed for flickr group or forum threads.
Show all in group pool by User  GM script - adds a link to see all  images in a group pool by a particular user.
Sprinklr Quickly add photos to various groups.
Tag Graph Browse photos in a dynamic force-directed tag graph
Community, Web, Blogging, Badge Maker & E-mail Tools
Badge Maker Make different types of name badges
Blog Header Convert photos into a blog header
Chasr App that display your photos from Flickr on your own website
Delivr Create Free Greeting Cards with flickr photos - then e-mail the card.
Email List Checker Check your email addresses to find Flickr users
Flickr Anywhere Put flickr on your myspace acct or any webpage
Badge (Official Flickr Tool) Build a badge for for your blog
Flickr Discussion Images View all the images in a Flickr group discussion thread-switch between views
Module for CMS Website Integrate photo albums at flickr into you CMS-made simple based website
Flickr RSS Widget Button for website displays thumbnails of latest photos in a Flickr RSS feed
Flickr Search for your Blog How to make a custom flickr search for your blog
Flickr Wordpress RSS RSS reader for wordpress blog
Zeitgeist (Official Flickr Tool) Flickr Flash Viewer for your recent photos - put on your site or blog
Flickr4Outlook Easily insert flickr photos inOutlook 2007 messages
Groupr Allows users to easily and quickly add their photos to various groups
Interestingness Feed no flowers RSS Feed of most interesting images from the past 7 days minus flowers
Interestingness for Profile GM script: Add the interestingness link in a user's photo page.
Interestingness RSS Feed RSS Feed of the most interesting images from the past 7 days.
Interestingness Tool Bar GM script: Add tool bar besides the user's name
Invitr Choose who can see private photos regardless of their flickr membership



Replace the top of your WordPress 1.5 blog with a photo from flickr.

A guestmap personalized for your website/blog.  Add your photos to the map via integration with flickr

Old Skool Badge Get a personalized badge based on the date you joined Flickr
Opt Out of Photo Searches How to opt out of having your flickr photos searchable by the search engines
Profile Widget Create a customized image for your profile/web page updates automatically
Publish Your Faves GM Scripts - publish lists of most interesting/faved/viewed & commented on
Quickr Pickr Generate HTML code, and post photos to blogs, web pages, and forums.
SlideFlickr Put a flickr slideshow on your blog or facebook profile
Travelr Photo gallery viewer for your site - display your Flickr photos on a world map.
Trippermap World map for your site/blog-then searches your photos for location
Visualize Your Flickr Contacts Show all of your flickr buddies

Windows Live Writer

Yet Another Flickr Badg Maker

Built-in ability to blog flickr photos with Windows Live Writer

Make customized badge


Picks the tags of a stumbleupon user and links them to the latest blog, bookmark and photo entries by Technorati, and Flickr

Printable Things from Flickr
Blurb Make bookstore quality books with flickr photos (for purchase)
Calendar Maker Convert photos into a customized calendar.
CD/DVD Cover Convert photos into a printable CD/DVD cover.
Imagekind Frame your flickr photos (for purchase)
Moo Minicards Upload photos from flickr or your computer and create minicards for purchase
Mighty Flickr Upload photos from flickr & purchase jumbo-sized prints
Notecards Upload photos from flickr or your computer and create notecards for purchase
Picture Cube Maker Convert photos into a printable picture cube.
Printr Killr Make card decks and calendars with your photos
Qoop Make photobooks, posters and calendars of your images.
RSS2PDF Flickr Tool Take public flickr photos and print them on PDF
Stickers Upload photos from flickr or your computer and create stickers for purchase
Tabblo Photo Books Create photo books for purchase
Zazzle Use your photos to make official U.S. Postage Stamps (for purchase)
Statistics/ Information
Camera Stats (Official flickr page) Find the most popular cameras on flickr based on flickr members uploads
FlickrInspector displays publicly available data about single flickr users.
Flickstr View Top flickr users
Four Ways to Track Flickr Stats There's no perfect way to track flickr photos, but here are 4 ways for starters


Flickr Easy NSID

Find your flickr id or group id from a photostream address

A Firefox GM Script to find yours or others flickr ID's

Scout See if a flickr users photos are in the 500 photographs on flickr-explore page
Statr Track and plot page views statistics for your Flickr account with graphs
Extensions to 3rd Party Apps & Devices
Ajax Photo Blogging in Flickr Blog about a photo-add a description or comment automatically
An Ajax Wrapper for Rojo GM script - to make Rojo faster
Better Flickr Firefox Extension Lifehacker's GM firefox extension that adds features to flickr
Big Screen Photos Windows Media Center Add-on-view flickr photos using remote control
Bloglines Lightbox Script that displays target website in iframe with the lightbox effect
Chronological Photostream Script inserts a photostream box into the photo page by order of photo taken Flickr Contacts GM script - add tags at flickr contacts to bookmarks system Lightbox Script displays target website in iframe with the lightbox effect 
FlickenGr Put your flickr photos on the bottom of Yahoo Messenger chats.
Flickr for Joomla & Mambo View flickr photos from Joomla & Mambo
Flickr Module for NetVibes View flickr photos from your netvibes page
Flickr RSS for YahooMash Show flickr photos using RSS url
Flickr Snap Adds a thumbnail of Flickr images next to links to Flickr photos or set pages.
Flickr Virtual Sets Script builds a navigating photostream box for each pre-defined virtual set
Flickr/Tivo Viewer Browse flickr on your Tivo
Flickr2photocast Make iPhoto-compatible photocast feed from Flickr
Flickr4word Easily insert flickr photos into word documents
FlickrFox Browse flickr photostreams in a sidebar in firefox or flock
Greased Lightbox GM script enhances browsing on websites that link to images
HEMiDEMi Lightbox Script displays target website in iframe with the lightbox effect
iFlickr iPhone flickr interface: tag, autorotate view flickr photos and more
Invite Photos to The Group GM script-inserts a link to photo comment section
Keyword Assistant iPhoto plugin to make keyword management with iPhoto easier.
Lightbox for Hyperlinks Lightbox for Hyperlinks for: Bloglines,, and HEMiDEMi
MyYahoo Most Interesting Add to MyYahoo most interesting photos
Nabazr Make nabaztag read the comments posted to flickr 
MediaPortalOnline Photos Plugin MediaPortal (HTPC software) plugin to view flickr & picasa photos
Photocastr Turn flickr photos into iPhoto v6+ compatible photocasts
Google Home Page Modules
Flickr Friendz Google Module Add to your Google Homepage images from your contacts list.
Interstingness Google Module Add to your Google Homepage random interesting Flickr images for the day.
Random Flickring Add to google homepage way to browse randomly using tag names
Recently Added Google Module Add to your Google Homepage most recent image added by any user
Facebook Flickr Applications
Flickr Photos for Facebook View flickr photos from your facebook profile so you can share with friends
My Flickr Another facebook flickr app for viewing, filtering and sharing flickr photos
Perfect Gift Send customised "gifts" to facebook friends - add flickr image
Photo Slide for Facebook Blend facebook, flickr, picasa etc into slideshow for your facebook profile
SlideFlickr for Facebook Put a flickr slideshow on your facebook profile
zuPort Import your flickr photos into facebook
Flickr Logo Maker Make a logo that looks like Flickr's Logo with any text
Firefox Greasemonky Scripts A huge collection of firefox scripts for flickr users
Steganography with Flickr Hide other documents inside an image on flickr
Flickr Development Tools
Flashr Actionscript wrapper for flickr api
Flickr API Build your own flickr tool
Flickr.rb Ruby interface for flickr api
FlickrClient Python interface for flickr api
FlickrJ Java wrapper for flickr api
Mixr PHP code allows parsing RSS feeds into new image
PhLickr Open source PHP5 based api kit used to access the Flickr API.
phpFlickr PHP client for the Flickr web service for PHP developers using the Flickr API
Other Uses for Flickr
Digital Photo Frame Use flickr photos to make a digital photo frame
Flickr as a Genealogy Tool Use flickr as a tool for genealogy
Flickr as an Online Tutorial Use flickr as an online, visual tutorial page
Flickr for Librarians How to use flickr in the library
Flickr for Nonprofits How nonprofits can use flickr and creative commons licensing for photos 
Wi-Fi Camera w/Flickr How to use the Kodak Wi-Fi camera with flickr

Be sure and leave a comment if you notice any flickr tools missing or if you noticed anything that was categorized incorrectly.

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