Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zooomr Hacks: The Ultimate Collection of Zooomr Tools Hacks and Scripts

zooomr Zooomr is a newer, high-octane, social, photo sharing alternative to Flickr, Smugmug and Picasa Web Albums.  While the API for Zooomr hasn't yet been released (Please hurry Zooomr Guys) there are still a good number of tools, hacks and scripts available to Zooomr users.  For the complete list read on:



Zooomr Social Stream - Today Zooomr & Thomas Hawk are announcing some new features including their Zooomr Social Stream - The Social Stream gives users (Pro/Premium-Users-Only) a way to follow the activity on your photographs on Zooomr.  Unfortunately I don't have a pro account so I can't try this one out...






Screen-shot from Thomas Hawk's Zooomr Photos






Show Zooomr Photos on your site/blog - techmag shows us how to use the Google AJAX Api to show Zooomr photos on your site.

Zooomr RSS Reader for Facebook - I found about this one in bluemonki's blog and have tried it out on my facebook profile.  It's a good one and the first Zooomr Facebook app available.

Facebook RSS Reader



This is a screenshot from my Facebook Profile showing the Zooomr RSS Feed Reader



Tag, Geotag & Organize Photos - Use iTag to tag your photos using the standard IPTC headers.  Includes all types of tags including geotags. itag

Migratr - [not supported yet, but coming soon] Easily Transfer your Zooomr Photos to and from other photo sharing sites such as flickr, faces.com, Picasa, smugmug, 23hq and more.

ZooomrMonkey (photo)- Makes a cleaner, less sophisticated user interface for zooomr. This script modifies the view photo page.

ZooomrMonkey (stream) - Makes a cleaner, less sophisticated user interface for zooomr. This script takes care of the stream layout.

Wordpress Zooomr PhotoFetch Plugin-display zooomr Rss feed - A plugin to display any Zooomr RSS feed in you Wordpress blog.




This is a screen-shot of the Zooomr

Wordpress Photofetch plugin from the developer's site



Enhanced Thread Paging- GM Script to add paging links to the start of a thread enhanced thread

Buddy Icon Reply - GM Script Add a reply link to each comment & generates buddy icone code or bold username in the add post area


Fanmail Compose Fix - GM Script Fixes Zooomr Bug where the "to" field isn't autopopulated properly


Zipline Sidebar Plus- GM Script adds extra links in the zipline sidebar


JUploadr- Runs on Windows, Linux & OS X to set properties of photos and upload to Zooomr & Flickr


Buddy Plus- Adds shortcut menu to a user avatar/buddy icon

Rich Edit Plus- Rich edit interface for Zooomr comments & Zmail (bold, italics, blockquote & link)

Zoom this Zooomr - Insert a link to big size photo in the Zooomr photo page

OpenID Login- Automatically move to OpenID login screen (remembers OpenID)

BB Code Generator - BB Coder for Zooomr

Auto Login- Auto Login for Zooomr

Who is Faving Your Photos? - A Hyperlink to See who faved your photos on Zooomr

Buy Moo Cards on Zooomr - Moo.com isn't integrated with Zooomr yet, but you can still buy moo cards for your zooomr photos.  Go to moo.com, pick your type of card or sticker, click "upload your images" to open the moo uploader, click on the 2nd tab "grab from a web page" and now just follow the instructions.


Zooomr Stickers - Spread the word about Zooomr with Zooomr stickers



Zooomr-Centric Blogs & Forums:

The Official Zooomr Blog

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection Blog


The Zooomr Group at Flickr - this one might shock you a little, but there seems to be a "covert" Zooomr Group located at none other than the Flickr Groups Pages.

The Zooomr Official Groups Pages


There's many more being developed and once the API for Zooomr is ready, the number of Zooomr hacks, tools, add-on's and scripts will explode.  This should be the most complete listing of Zooomr tools, hacks and scripts available.  If you know of any I'm missing, let me know in the comments.

If you're looking for the Ultimate Flickr Listing of Flickr Hacks, Add-on's, Scripts and Tools, look no further then this database I compiled.  I'm keeping it up-to-date as I learn of new ones - the list is currently over 350 unique hacks!