Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boxee Adds Limited LiveTV Support


Boxee has continued to be one of the better HTPC solutions for those not needing a TV tuner as part of their system.  Today Boxee added support for one TV tuner to provide LiveTV support for a single channel if you’d like to add some over-the-air (antenna) or unencrypted QAM cable content to the equation.  Don’t get too excited though as there is no DVR support which makes it very limited to most of us.

The tuner is a Boxee branded USB tuner – I’m guessing it’s a Hauppauge tuner built for Boxee.  The support is limited to only this one tuner and without the ability to record those shows it’s very, very limited in real-world usage.  Better than nothing? Yes.  But add the fact you can’t tune encrypted cable channels which means no satellite support and very few channels for most cable systems – none for some.

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