Friday, November 21, 2008

SageTV Ultimate Guide

Looking for a one-stop place to find anything and everything there is to know about the popular SageTV HTPC software?  Tips, tricks, reviews and more?  GeekTonic continues to be the go-to place to read about SageTV HTPC software, but over the past few years the posts about SageTV have become a bit scattered.  So to wrap all of these SageTV resources into one page I've created this SageTV Landing Page for you.
This page contains everything on GeekTonic about SageTV to-date and I'll continue to keep it updated as I add additional SageTV stories so bookmark this page and check back when you're looking for that SageTV article.
NOTE:  SageTV has updated to SageTV 7.  While I update this guide, many of the stories linked here are related to the older version - SageTV 6  The most recent, SageTV 7 articles are as follows



  • SageTV User Guide - This just might be the most comprehensive resource for SageTV users available.  Lots of information all kept up-to-date with each new release.  It's a very long read, but useful for looking up information about SageTV.  And if you have SageTV installed on your PC, it's already there in your SageTV directory.
  • Request Official SageTV Support - Often times a SageTV user will go to the forums and report an issue they are experiencing.  Most of the time the solution for that issue is answered by fellow SageTV users, but sometimes you need official support from the SageTV guys themselves.  Use this link for this.  Its important to note that not all of your forum posts are seen by SageTV reps so if you want a broken feature fixed - this is the way to report the issue.
  • General SageTV Troubleshooting - A list of commonly asked troubleshooting issues and the solutions for those issues can be found here
  • SageTV Forums - one of the most active HTPC forums on the net is the SageTV forums.  Here you'll find the most knowledgable and helpful peers on the net.  Ask for help or suggestions, read up on tips from fellow users, see the latest add-ons and themes for SageTV all on the SageTV forums
  • SageTV Customizations List - Want to see a comprehensive list of the SageTV add-ons, themes and other customizations available to you?  This is the master list which is kept up-to-date regularly.  There are so many ways to make SageTV your own - this is a great place to just review all there is for you as a SageTV user.







Stay tuned to GeekTonic for more SageTV reporting.
If you have something you've been wondering about SageTV or anything HTPC you'd like to see covered let me know in the comments.