Saturday, November 22, 2008

24 “Redemption Movie” Airs Sunday

Most 24 Fans would agree that the show last year took a major step back with fans and critics both unhappy with the show.  The writers are saying the series will be back on track when it returns in January, but the even better news is you don't have to wait until then to get your 24 fix.  Fox is airing a two-hour movie 24: Redemption which will bridge the gap between last season and the new one that starts January 2009.

The movie takes place months after the end of the last season with Jack Bauer hiding from federal authorities in a mythical country in Africa (shot in Capetown, South Africa) where he's helping a friend (Robert Carlyle) run a local school in a village.  But trouble is brewing as a future dictator plans a military coup, intending to recruit children as soldiers by kidnapping them and forcing them into soldier life.

The bad guy of course is targeting the students at the school but Bauer and his friend intervene and work to help the students escape.  Just as they do in the regular series, the movie is told in real-time over a two-hour period.  A second storyline involves a new female U.S. president and a corrupt government official (played by Jon Voight).  Check out the 24: Redemption Movie Trailer below for more:


24 has always been a favorite at our house.  Lots of action and anticipation for the next curve in the storyline.  I'll be interested in how they use this 2-hour special.  If they play their cards right it will make 24 fans (and probably a few new fans) anticipate the new season even more.  I'll be tuning in for sure regardless.

24 "Redemption Movie" airs Sunday, November 23rd at 8pm ET on Fox

To get a peek at the new season of 24 beginning January 2009, check out the trailer below:

Friday, November 21, 2008

BeyondTV 4.9 Arrives – 3 Big Features

The folks at Snapstream have been busy working on the latest version of the popular BeyondTV PVR software and today they’ve released BeyondTV 4.9 for all to use.  With BeyondTV 4.9 comes 3 big features:
  1. Clear QAM support for additional QAM tuners (beyond the SiliconDust HDHR)
  2. Placeshifiting for recorded TV via the built-in BeyondTV web admin
  3. Official (improved) beta support for H.264 and therefore Hauppauge HD-PVR
In addition there are several bug fixes and other items, but the biggest news for existing BeyondTV users just might be the fee increase for version 4.9 – more on that later.  First we’ll review the new features.

Clear QAM Tuner Support – the following QAM tuners are officially supported by BeyondTV 4.9:
  • ATI/AMD Theater 650 family
  • AverMedia A180 (QAM capable ones)
  • AverMedia M780
  • Hauppauge HVR-950Q
  • Hauppauge HVR-1250
  • Hauppauge HVR-1600
  • Hauppauge HVR-1800
  • Hauppauge HVR-1950
  • Hauppauge HVR-2250
  • Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Dual Network Tuner

Snapstream has been working on a placeshifting feature for their web admin for several months now and with 4.9 it is built-in.  They built-in a video player for the BeyondTV web admin which allows you to access and watch your recorded shows via the web.  For long-time readers you may remember that BeyondTV has had placeshifting abilities for a while now (see screencast of the earlier version of placeshifting BTV) although this placeshifting came via a user-developed (thanks to ccarlin) version of BeyondTV's.  The new, official version for placeshifting uses Microsoft Silverlight which should allow it to work on multiple platforms.  The bad news is this new placeshifter doesn’t add liveTV support at least thus far.  Still, it’s nice to have the feature officially supported by Snapstream.

Beyond TV Placeshifting
        Screen-shot of BeyondTV Placeshifting from Web Admin

H.264 transcoding & Improved Hauppauge HD-PVR Support
BeyondTV version 4.9 brings with it official beta support for H.264 which allows for use of the Hauppauge HD-PVR tuner (recorded and liveTV for all digital channels via Cable or Satellite box).  Snapstream has been very careful to say that the current support with the HD-PVR is beta-level support and there are still some issues with the HD-PVR and Snapstream.

Fee increase with BeyondTV 4.9
Ready for the bad news?  Well, Snapstream has decided to package H.264 support with the DVD Burning add-on and wrap it all into a single BeyondTV package.  If you’re a BeyondTV user who has already purchased the DVD Burning plug-in for BeyondTV then you get to upgrade to 4.9 at no cost, but if you haven’t you’ll have to buy the “plugin” which will cost you an additional $29.99 in order to get the ability to transcode to h.264.  The BeyondTV package now costs $99 for the download version or $109 for the CD version.

UPDATE:  Existing users of BeyondTV 4.x CAN upgrade to 4.9 without paying for the plugin and they can still get the HD-PVR to work with it.  But to enable transcoding to h.264 you'll need to own or purchase the $29.99 plugin.  New users will of course have to pay the $99 for the entire package though.

Additional Features in 4.9
  • Tech support upload through Web Admin
  • Add recording-level setting for "max days" expiration
  • StreamSnip on the fly for ATSC and QAM recordings
  • Add option to tag recordings automatically with the name of user who scheduled them
  • Create a new MPEG-2 transport stream demux
  • Support Hauppauge HVR-2250
For an entire list of new features and bug fixes check out the release notes. To download click here.
via Snapstream Blog

SageTV Ultimate Guide

Looking for a one-stop place to find anything and everything there is to know about the popular SageTV HTPC software?  Tips, tricks, reviews and more?  GeekTonic continues to be the go-to place to read about SageTV HTPC software, but over the past few years the posts about SageTV have become a bit scattered.  So to wrap all of these SageTV resources into one page I've created this SageTV Landing Page for you.
This page contains everything on GeekTonic about SageTV to-date and I'll continue to keep it updated as I add additional SageTV stories so bookmark this page and check back when you're looking for that SageTV article.
NOTE:  SageTV has updated to SageTV 7.  While I update this guide, many of the stories linked here are related to the older version - SageTV 6  The most recent, SageTV 7 articles are as follows



  • SageTV User Guide - This just might be the most comprehensive resource for SageTV users available.  Lots of information all kept up-to-date with each new release.  It's a very long read, but useful for looking up information about SageTV.  And if you have SageTV installed on your PC, it's already there in your SageTV directory.
  • Request Official SageTV Support - Often times a SageTV user will go to the forums and report an issue they are experiencing.  Most of the time the solution for that issue is answered by fellow SageTV users, but sometimes you need official support from the SageTV guys themselves.  Use this link for this.  Its important to note that not all of your forum posts are seen by SageTV reps so if you want a broken feature fixed - this is the way to report the issue.
  • General SageTV Troubleshooting - A list of commonly asked troubleshooting issues and the solutions for those issues can be found here
  • SageTV Forums - one of the most active HTPC forums on the net is the SageTV forums.  Here you'll find the most knowledgable and helpful peers on the net.  Ask for help or suggestions, read up on tips from fellow users, see the latest add-ons and themes for SageTV all on the SageTV forums
  • SageTV Customizations List - Want to see a comprehensive list of the SageTV add-ons, themes and other customizations available to you?  This is the master list which is kept up-to-date regularly.  There are so many ways to make SageTV your own - this is a great place to just review all there is for you as a SageTV user.







Stay tuned to GeekTonic for more SageTV reporting.
If you have something you've been wondering about SageTV or anything HTPC you'd like to see covered let me know in the comments.

Boxee Running Poll - Tell Them Which Services You Want

Boxee (read more about Boxee here)  is running a poll to help them prioritize which services to add to their boxee media program.  Boxee is already ahead of most HTPC software with their inclusion of Hulu and other online streaming and they are obviously looking to maintain & increase that advantage.  Interesting list of choices - especially when they include HBO and Showtime to the list.

  • TV Services: ABC, CW, Disovery, E!, ESPN, HBO, MTV, PBS, Showtime and The WB
  • Movie Services: Amazon Unbox/Video, CinemaNow, Jaman and Netflix
  • Video Services: Fancast, Joost, iPlayer (UK) and Veoh
  • Internet Live Broadcast Services: blogtv, flixwagon,, kyte, qik, livestation, and
  • Music Services: deezer, eMusic, imeem, jango,, Pandora, Project Playlist and Rhapsody
  • Photo Sharing Services: .mac, facebook, fotolog, kodak easyshare, photobucket and smugmug

Vote Now for Your Thanksgiving Day Deal at is running their customer vote promotion again this Thanksgiving. Just as they did last year, Amazon is letting users vote on which deals they can purchase starting Thanksgiving Day, November 27th.  There will be multiple buying rounds and you have to be randomly selected to buy at the given price. You will be notified by email the day before each of the six rounds to know if you're eligible to buy.

Even if you don't get "chosen" to buy the items at the lowest price, "runner ups" will be selected for each product for purchasing it at a slightly higher, but still discounted, price. Based on the current results at, here are the six best offers from this sale:
  • Day One: PS3 Blu-ray Family Bundle for $199 (47% of the vote)
  • Day Two: Eyeclops Night Vision for $39 (50% of the vote)
  • Day Three: Samsung LN46A550 46-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $699 (58% of the vote)
  • Day Four: ASUS Eee PC 900 8.9-Inch Netbook for $129 (81% of the vote)
  • Day Five: TomTom GO 730T 4.3" Widescreen GPS with Bluetooth for $245 (63% of the vote)
  • Day Six: KitechenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer for $69 (83% of the vote)
That Samsung TV sells right now for over $1,200 so $699 and the Asus Eee PC sells for over $400 so both would be awesome deals...

Click on the link below to vote:
Amazon Holiday Vote For Your Deal

Deal of the Day - Zunes 4GB $100 or 8GB $140

Microsoft Corporation 4 GB Zune MP3 Player - Black
We have a few Zune deals for you today.  Dell has the Microsoft Zune 4GB media player in Black
or Pink for $100 - 20% coupon 9Q26N641C6QSDC + $6 S/H = $86

8GB version in Black,Red or Pink for $140 - 20% coupon 9Q26N641C6QSDC = $112 with free shipping

Microsoft Corporation 8 GB Zune MP3 Player - Red

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bubble Popped for Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone & Dirty Sexy Money

Earlier this week I listed out the shows that are ending this season by design or by being canceled mid-season.  I also told you about the shows that were at risk of being canceled.  Three of those on the bubble just had their bubble popped today.  Tonight Ausiello confirmed that ABC is definitely canceling three of the more unique and arguably quality shows on this season.  Per Ausiello:
ABC has opted not to order additional episodes of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money for this season.  The network isn't commenting, but multiple sources confirm that all three shows have "effectively been canceled."
 Other changes at ABC:  Private Practice moves to Thursdays at 10pm ET 12/11, Life on Mars gets picked up for 4 additional episodes and moves to Wednesdays at 10pm ET (in the enviable time-slot right after Lost) and Scrubs joins Tuesday's lineup at 9pm ET on 1/6.

And still we see a show like Knight Rider get renewed - what the heck!?!

via AusielloFiles

PS3 Deal of the Day - Sony PS3 Blu-ray DVD Remote $19

Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote

Today's deal of the day is for your Sony Playstation 3 fans. has the Sony PS3 Blu-ray DVD remote for $19 (5% savings off list price) with free shipping.

Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote $19 with free shipping

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deal of the Day HDTV Edition: $799 42" Sharp LCD and More

I'm in the market for a new big-screen HDTV and watching the deals.  Lots of LCD and Plasma deals are beginning to crop up.  Here's several from Dell:

Sharp 42 LCD HDTV for only $799 after $600 Instant Savings! Expires: 11/27/08

Save $500 on Sony 46'' 120Hz 1080p LCD HDTV! Coupon Code: S7K3PXQHP8474Q Expires: 11/25/08 or after 500 redemptions

Save $700 on Sony Bravia 52'' 1080p LCD HDTV! Coupon Code: 8D2B9Q?LS$5QB7

As for me, I'm looking for a good 46" 1080p HDTV.  Doesn't have to be the best out there, but should be a good one.  I'll be using it with a SageTV HD Extender if that matters - give me some ideas of what I should buy.  Is the Sony 46" worth buying? I'd rather spend something closer to $1,000 but maybe that's going too cheap...  Ben would probably say so ;)

Windows 7 Media Center Integrated Touchscreen Video

 Photo of Windows 7 Media Center with Touch Interface (from Gizmodo)

The guys at Gizmodo were in Redmond this week and have a quick video showcasing Windows Media Center 7 controlled by touch.  That would be touch control integrated into the OS so no 3rd party software needed.  It looks smooth and could be useful for those wanting a touch-interface for their HTPC.

See the video at Gizmodo

If you are wanting touchscreen now, HP Touchsmart has it and SageTV has a nice TouchScreen interface that you can use now if you have a touchscreen monitor ;)

Black Friday Deal - $128 Blu-ray Player at Wal-Mart

If you're not picky about your Blu-ray player and were wondering how low the price would go this holiday season wonder no more.  It appears the cheapest deal for a Blu-ray player could be the $129 Blu-ray sold at Walmart on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.).

I've seen plenty of predictions that we'll see $150 Blu-ray players this season, but the $129, if true might just be the cheapest.  Just keep in mind we're talking about a Magnavox Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player - not the most popular Blu-ray by any means, but considering even this player normally sells for $200 the $129 price is pretty darn cheap huh.

 via HomeMedia Magazine

What do you think - will we see any Blu-ray players cheaper before the end of 2008?

Photos of DirecTV HDCP-20 on Windows 7 In Action

Been curious about those DirecTV Tuners coming for Windows 7 Media Center?  You know the ones everyone was told would arrive for Vista eventually...  Well Ben Drawbaugh of EngadgetHD is in Seattle visiting with the Microsoft eHome offices and got a bunch of photos of those DirecTV HDCP-20's in action.  For those of you interested (this means most Media Center users) this EndgadgetHD post is a must read.

The Media Center DirecTV HDPC-20 caught in action

Integrate BeyondTV + Vista Media Center Plugin

Do you own a copy of Vista with Media Center built-in?  Like the Media-centric Vista Media Center (VMC) functions like music, video and photos, but want to be able to use the Hauppauge HD-PVR to tune your digital channels without needing CableCard?  A BeyondTV user has created a way to add BeyondTV to your VMC menu.
Here's a screen-shot of the BeyondTV menu item on the Vista Media Center Home Screen:
The code is pretty simple and works with VMC Home Premium or Ultimate as well as with x64 or x68 installations.
To install you just go to the respective folder for your architecture and run the installation cmd file (or the appropriate uninstaller command file) for the appropriate version of BTV or BTV Link you have, and what operating system you're running. X86 works on Vista 32-bit, x64 on Vista 64-bit.

The only "catch" is that you have to own both Vista Media Center as well as BeyondTV to get it to work.
Requirements: BTV/BTV Link + Vista MCE
One reason this is handy for BeyondTV users is that it provides a way for them to replace Beyond Media (now abandoned by Snapstream) with VMC to give their HTPC true media functionality beyond TV and PVR that BeyondTV gives them.

Deal of the Day - 1.5TB Seagate SATA Hard Drive $140

Needing to really push your hard drive storage to the max?  Check out today's deal of the day from  They have the Seagate Barracuda 7211.11 1.5TB SATA 3.0Gb/s hard drive for $140 with free shipping.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (bare drive)
$140 with free shipping!

UPDATE:  Based on comments in this post (see below) I'd avoid this drive for now.  Seems many are having issues with it.  Sorry about that...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MythTV New User Interface Preview

MythTV, the popular Linux-based HTPC software is nearing release for its latest version of MythTV (version 0.22).  And has several screen-shots of the new interface.

Myth 0.22 Screenshot by

This new version of MythTV will include a significant rewrite of the user interface which will open up significant benefits to developers (code and theme developers alike).  The new interface adds features such as animation, better interactivity, faster and easier development for theme creators and developers alike. 

MythTV won’t be for everyone, but this yet-to-be-released update brings much of the user-interface changes that have been requested for years.

Myth 0.22 Screenshot by

I’m looking forward to this new version and plan to try it out on my test rig in early 2009.
See more screen-shots and read more about the new MythTV UI at

Cyberlink Total Media Entertainment HTPC Software

Most of us think of DVD software when we think of CyberLink, but the company is now branching out to show off the PowerCinema 6 HTPC software.  It handles TV, Photos, Music etc as you would expect and includes H.264 support as well.  Nothing here is going to peel away current HTPC customers from SageTV, Vista Media Center or the others, but they're likely targeting those new to the HTPC world anyway.

You can view the Flash Video Overview here to get an idea of the User Interface and features of the CyberLink software.  I'd normally tell you to just skip the promo video, but one thing that I really liked in the interface was the Photo Slideshow - they called it "cell-style" slideshow.  Its fairly simple, but showed the photos in a tiled format with multiple photos on the screen and transitioned one photo on the screen at a time.  Something simple, but would work very nicely on a HD TV set.

The software can be acquired right now for between $49.95 and $129.95 depending on the bundle you choose.

Read more about CyberLink's Total Media Entertainment Software

via EngadgetHD

Hulu Gaining Fast on YouTube

Hulu Set to Surpass YouTube in US Advertising Revenues in 2009
The Financial Times is reporting that, the upstart backed by NBC Universal and News Corp as a video-sharing site is projected to equal and possibly even surpass YouTube in U.S. Advertising revenue next year.
This doesn’t even remotely surprise me despite the fact that Google has been trying to monetize YouTube since they bought YouTube two years ago.  Why?  Well, ask any young person – especially college students how they are getting their Television.  Most of them get at least some of their Television online – and many of them get it from  Do kids (and others) still get TV from torrents?  Some do, but it’s hard to beat Hulu for quickly and easily catching up on a show.  YouTube is better known for user-created junk.  Yes there's some good stuff in there, but it's so poluted that it's nearly impossible to find the good stuff.  And other than a few CBS shows, you'll not find many Televisions shows you can catch up on.

At my house we missed an episode due to operator error on the HTPC (READ: Brent spent too much time mucking up the live HTPC with beta testing.)  To save the day we watched that show on Hulu.  It isn’t as good of quality by any means, but picture this:  We put a laptop (connected via wifi) on the kitchen table while the two of us finished up dinner.  The picture quality and streaming quality was really pretty good considering.  Yes it helps we were watching on a laptop-sized screen, but it was fast, easy and it works.

If Hulu would work out better deals with the content providers to begin integrating Hulu with hardware and software (HTPC) vendors imagine how the online TV content would spread in use.  They would multiply their audience in a big way, sell more advertising and everyone except for the cable companies would be happy.
via Financial Times

Monday, November 17, 2008

Deal of the Day - Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle 3 games and Live Points

Amazon (affiliate) brings us the XBox 360 60GB Holiday Bundle.
This includes
  • Lego Indiana Jones
  • Kung-Fu Panda
  • Lego Batman game
  • 1,600 Microsoft Live Points Card
Xbox 360 Console Holiday Special All this for $300 (enter coupon code: 360OFFER )

Plex Seven Mac-Based HTPC Update Released

Plex - Mac-based HTPC Software
XBMC was just updated and now Plex, the Mac fork of XBMC has a new version as well.  This new Plex Version 0.7.0 “Seven” was released late Sunday night.
Here’s a few of the new features of Plex Seven:
Read more and get the Plex Download at the Plex Blog

via Missing Remote

New XBMC ‘Atlantis’ Media Center Released

XBMC Atlantis
XBMC, a popular free & open-source media center application originally created for the original XBox has really been a mover and shaker in the HTPC world.  First off, it’s the basis of many of the open-source HTPC programs out there such as Plex, Media Portal and now Boxee.  With the Atlantis version it also has been made cross-platform so it works on the Xbox (the old kind), Linux, Mac OSX, AppleTV and Winows.
The release includes many new features including iTunes and iPhoto integration for XBMC on your Mac.  Also included is a nice, beautiful “skin”.  It’s still in beta so you’re likely to find a few bugs, but it should be mostly in working condition and worth trying out.
Read more about the XBMC Atlantis Release at the XBMC Website

Media Portal Gets Hauppauge HD-PVR Support - Elgato HD-PVR coming Soon

Over the past few weeks, Media Portal, the open-source HTPC software gained support of the Hauppauge HD-PVR including dual-HD-PVR support.  Media Portal joins the ranks of SageTV, BeyondTV, GBPVR and MythTV.  I've heard from an insider that Mac's Elgato HTPC software will have official HD-PVR support very soon as well. 

Of the main HTPC competitors, that leaves only Microsoft Media Center without any hope of HD-PVR support within the coming year.  I would expect that once Windows 7 is released, HD-PVR support would be possible since h.264 will be a supported format as long as Microsoft allows h.264 to be one of the supported recording formats.  The problem is Windows 7 won't be available to the public until September 2009 at the earliest.

If you're interested in using the Hauppauge HD-PVR to get liveTV and recorded TV in all of its digital and HD glory, here are your options:

SageTV XP, Vista, WHS, Linux, Mac and HD100 extenders
BeyondTV with XP and VistaGBPVR with XP and Vista and PopCorn Hour
Media Portal RC3 with XP and Vista (download & further info)
MythTV Linux
Elegato Mac (coming soon)

Read more about the Hauppauge HD-PVR

Boxee for Windows - Within a few Weeks

Word is out that the Boxee team is a few weeks away from a preliminary windows release.  A small selection of Boxee users have been chosen to beta test before the release so if that goes well, I'd expect to see the Windows version open up for all Boxee users very soon.

Boxee is a HTPC software based off of the popular XB Media Center program.  Boxee's popularity skyrocketed when they released their alpha version with Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central and MySpaceTV streaming built-in to the software as well as a AppleTV version of their software.  The current version of Boxee supports Linux, AppleTV and Mac, but the Windows version should be here in the next few weeks.

If you already have an alpha account you can click here to download the new version.
If you want an alpha invite click here to do so.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

TV Fall 2008 Check In - Canceled Shows and Series on the Bubble

It’s officially mid-season for the TV world and time to check in on the Fall 2008 TV shows.  Which ones are finished?  Which ones are on life support?  Read on for a fairly long list of television shows that are either ending after this season or being cancelled prematurely.
  • Battlestar Galactica (SCI) - Ending after four seasons. Although we’ll get a spinoff with a 2-hour Caprica movie which was originally scheduled for December 2008, but this is possibly getting pushed back to 2009 so they can convert that special into a premiere of a new Caprica series.
  • Boston Legal (ABC) – I’m probably in the minority here since it survived 5 seasons, but I never liked this show.  The series will end with a 2-hour finale on December 8th – cause of death reported to be cost of production.
  • Charlie Jade (SCI) I never watched this and honestly had never heard of it, but it will end after its first season.
  • Do Not Disturb (FOX) - This true comedy with Jerry O’Connel was killed after just 3 lowly episodes
  • Easy Money (CW) – I’m putting this in the canceled category.  CW has aired seven episodes but has also put a “halt to production.”  They may want us to believe that means to “catch up”, but I’ll call it canceled.
  • The Emperor's New School (DISNEY) – 2 Seasons in, this Disney show is over.
  • ER (NBC) Will end after its 15th season is completed
  • The Ex List (CBS) – Was canceled after just four episodes
  • Flip That House (TLC) – Fitting that the show (in its 4th season) based on “flipping houses” fails when its nearly impossible to sell a house in the U.S. at the moment.
  • Hole in the Wall – A Japanese-import gameshow where people (large and small) attempt to squeeze themselves into odd shapes to fit through a moving wall. Only lasted a few episodes after very poor ratings.
  • King Of The Hill (FOX) – This popular animated series ends after 13 seasons.
  • The L-Word (SHO) – Showtime’s L-Word will end after six seasons.
  • Lipstick Jungle (NBC) – This show staring Brooke Shields was the NBC version of Sex and the City-Lite and is finished after two seasons.
Lipstick Jungle
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien (NBC) – Conan’s late night talk show will end in its current form after 16 seasons.
  • MADtv (FOX) – 13 seasons of SNL-type comedy ends.
  • Mind Of Mencia (COMEDY) – Over after 4 seasons.
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) – This one survived only 9 episodes.  I had it set to record and just deleted all of the epsisodes after hearing of its demise.  Word is this series had potential, but wasted it quickly.
My Own Worst Enemy
  • Opportunity Knocks (ABC) -  This gameshow hosted by ashton Kutcher only lasted 3 episodes. 
  • The Riches – FX has canceled one of the shows I’ve heard good things about but never watched.
  • The Shield (FX) – 7 seasons of rough-and-tumble cop drama ends after this season.
  • Stargate Atlantis (SCI) – Over after 5 seasons.  Lots of unhappy sci-fi fans over this one.
  • The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC) – I will really miss Jay Leno as NBC closes shop with him after 17 seasons.  I never thought I’d warm to him when he first came on, but he’s really done a good job in my opinion.  It will be interesting to see what he does next.
  • Valentine (CW) – Will air all 13 episodes, but is finished after that as it should be.
  • Chuck – NBC is watching Chuck lose a lot of its audience from last year.   Could be finished after this season.
  • Crusoe – This show airs on Fridays so the expectations are pretty low and I think the quality of the show is pretty low as well.
  • Dirty Sexy Money – This ABC comedy/drama has morphed into more of a traditional soap opera this season and the ratings have been falling.  It’s definitely on the bubble at the moment and I’m very tempted to just move it to the canceled list.
  • Eli Stone – Another ABC show that very likely could be canceled.  No word yet from ABC on its fate though.
  • Heroes – Lots of complaints about Heroes these past two seasons and the show is down by over half from last years numbers.  I for one am enjoying this show a lot, but my wife who is a better gauge of the more-typical TV viewer thinks the show is overly complicated with too many characters this season.
  • Life – NBC’s Life is also loosing audience – especially compared to last years numbers.
  • Pushing Daisies - is struggling to keep afloat with rumors flying that it is kaput. Ratings for the show based on Ned the pie maker were diving weekly and had already plunged from last years numbers.  Like Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies is most likely canceled but I’m holding off moving to that list until the news is confirmed.
  • Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles is in danger of being terminated as ratings dropped 34% from last year and weekly continues to lose more of its audience.  One of my favorite sci-fi shows so I hope it survives another season.
  • Worst Week – This comedy has had fairly low ratings, but it looks like CBS is trying to give it some more time to gain audience.

  • Knight Rider – This show amazingly is being renewed andre-tooled by NBC.  How does this happen?  Ratings have been fairly low (although higher than I would expect) and the show is basically unwatchable (sorry for those of you who like it ;).
  • Kath & Kim – Seriously, they’re keeping Kath and Kim!  How does this happen?
  • Law & Order #### – This is totally me cause I know these shows get good ratings, but I’d be fine if there were no more than a single Law and Order a season.

What shows are you disappointed to see go?  Any that I missed that you think will be cancelled?  Let me know in the comments below.