Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flickr Keyboard Shortcuts


I'm a big fan of Flickr and a big fan of keyboard shortcuts.  Unfortunately, Flickr doesn't have many shortcuts except for those few available for the built-in flickr slideshow.  While I hope Flickr adds true keyboard shortcuts for navigation of their site, here's one way to get a few keyboard shorcuts.


Mark Husson has created a nifty Firefox Greasmonkey script that gives you a few useful keyboard shortcuts when you're browsing the flickr pages.

There's a key to go to the next page, previous page, first page or last page with the keyboard shortcuts. 



You obviously need to be using Firefox and have greasemonkey installed.  Then download & install the script.  Now, when you're on a flickr page with the numbered boxes at the bottom (photostreams, searches, etc) like this one:

                       flickr numbers

Available Keyboard Shortcuts:
alt+shift+n for the next page
alt+shift+p for the previous page
alt+shift+< for the first page, and
alt+shift+> for the last page

For more information and the download head over to UserScripts.org or Mark Husson's page HERE



Remember that Flickr does support a few basic keyboard shortcuts out-of-the-box with their built-in flickr slideshow such as

Space = Toggle play/pause

Right-arrow = One photo to the right

Left-arrow = One photo to the left

Up-arrow  = Info on

Down-arrow = Info off

i = Info toggle on/off

p = Open photo page

m = Open photostream

< (or) > = Scroll Description

Here's a guide to the slideshow keyboard shortcuts available



That's all there is at the moment for the keyboard.  I'd love to see a built-in, full-featured keyboard shortcut set added to flickr, but for now these two solutions will keep me happy.

Shorts - Links and Quick News Items from the Web

Here's a few short news items and links I've run across in the past few days...


Online TV Guides

The useful, ajax-based Online TV Guide Couchville.com was officially taken off line Monday as expected.  The statistics page that shows the most recorded shows (recorded by BeyondTV users) is now located at http://www.snapstream.net/Buzz.aspx.  I covered the Snapstream Buzz site this past October in this post.      via Snapstream Forums


Snapstream had decided the time and money to maintain the site outweighed any ad income or synergies it was bringing to Snapstream's Beyond TV.


Must Watch TV - Jericho Season 2

jericho10I've been touting Jericho as a must-see television show since I watched the first season earlier this year so it better be good.  That being said, I expect it will continue to be an excellent show that I recommend highly.  It premiers tonight (2/12) at 10pm Eastern on CBS.


 DRM Free HD TV from any input on SageTV

Nino Marino posted a guide for HD recording via component input on a Blackmagic Intensity Pro in SageTV.  Nino says:

Of course, now that I've got everything working most of this will be obsolete in two months or so when Hauppauge releases their Component capture card!  But, for those of you who can't wait or have already invested in an Intensity Pro in hopes of getting it working with SageTV.

Read more at the SageTV forums  found via Missing Remote

Monday, February 11, 2008

Writers Strike Over - What That Means for the TV Shows

The Best Sign I SawThe writers strike has been going since November 5th and there's been plenty of TV casualties, but the strike is all but over.  A tentative deal was announced Saturday, and has since then the WGA leaders have voted unanimously to endorse the new deal between the Writers Guild and the TV networks & movie studios.  Once the membership votes to approve the new deal (assuming they do vote for it as expected) the writers will return back to work by Wednesday.




Photo by mattlehrer @ flickr



As I have throughout the strike, I'll continue to update the TV Show Remaining Episode list daily as this information is somewhat tentative and changing daily as the networks are working out their plans.  What does the end of the strike mean to your TV shows?  Many of them will return to life in early Spring. 

Things are looking very good for shows such as 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, CSI (all of them), Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, The Office, Private Practice, Smallville, Supernatural, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty and more.  Some other TV shows might not recover with new episodes until next season even with the writers strike over including Heroes and 24.

For the complete list - updated for the fact the writers strike is over head over to my Writers Strike TV Show Listing for all of the details by TV show.

Now Playing - SageTV Netflix Plugin with Watch Instantly Support

With Netflix beginning to work with vendors on integration of their "watch instantly" movie streaming, Home Theater PC Owners have been longing for support for their HTPC's. Starting today, you can manage your Netflix Queue, browse movie previews and even play "Watch Instantly" movies right from the comfort of your living room sofa using a remote if you have SageTV or Vista Media Center.



First off we have the SageTV (SageMC required) Plug-in that was originally developed by a user known as DwarF Pullen on the SageTV forums and now updated and improved by Morgan111.  Morgan released this version of the plug-in (still a beta version) with the following features:

  • Browse and manage your Netflix queue (move up/down, add to queue, remove from queue, move to top/bottom)
  • Watch Previews of movies that have previews available on Netflix.com
  • Browse through movies that are listed in the many NetFlix RSS channels (Top Movies by category etc)
  • Search For Movie by title
  • View recent activity (previously rented movies etc)
  • View movie descriptions, ratings, trailers and more
  • Launch Watch It Now movies
  • Add movies to rental queue and manipulate queue items

I've been trying the SageMC plug-in out and it works great.  It's really makes Netflix more accessible when you can watch the previews and streaming movies from your TV instead of a laptop.  We'll be using this feature to catch up on a few TV show episodes we've missed (The Office for example) and the preview feature will come in handy as well.  One thing to note, for viewing instant-watch movies, you can launch the movie, pause and play (with the enter key on your remote) and exit playback all using your remote control, but you can't rewind or fast forward using your remote.

Here's some screen-shots of the SageTV plug-in:

Movies (channels) by category

Netflix Screen 1


Netflix Screen 2

Search by title

Netflix Screen 3

View Movie Trailers

Netflix Screen 7


Watch it Now!!!!!


You can read more about the SageMC plug-in in this SageTV forum thread and download the plug-in from HERE




For those of you with Vista Media Center, Chris Lanier mentioned that Anthony Park released his MCML plug-in called MyNetflix for Vista Media Center

  • View Netflix queue
  • Browse movies
  • View your history/recommendations
  • Add/remove/move movies to your queue
  • Browse “Watch now” movies
  • Play “Watch now” movies


Now we'll see what Netflix has in store for the watch instantly service once they and LG releases those set-top boxes.  Hopefully the service will carry improved movie content and these excellent HTPC plug-ins will still be able to work to watch those movies via the 10-foot interface we know as the HTPC!