Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall TV Premiers From the “End Users” Perspective


By Mrs. Geektonic, the real TV expert in the house

Like a good wife, I read my husband’s blog.  Sometimes I understand it, sometimes I don’t.  Most of the time I just tell him when he has used the wrong their, they’re, there, etc.  But we have come to the time of year where I actually can help him with his blog.  Usually it is in the form of me pontificating and him writing, but he is fairly busy with this crazy thing that pays our bills and I am trying to ignore the fact that I too should be working (grading papers or something). 


“Person of Interest” by JJ Abrams starring Michael Emerson (“Lost”) as a mysterious billionaire who recruits a presumed-dead CIA agent (Jim Caviezel)


My favorite way to procrastinate is the old boob tube!  I cannot remember a time when I was not glued to the tube.  One of my earliest memories was using a specific break in Search for Tomorrow to know when it was time to catch my kindergarten school bus. (Yes, I watched soaps when I was 5 and still watch them at…. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS).  Because of my VAST experience and love affair with the glowing box, I like to think that I can pick a few winners and losers here and there.  A few from last year surprised me, but for the most part I was pretty close.

After watching the teasers GeekTonic posted here are my thoughts & predictions. 


1.      Charlie’s Angels – Even before GeekTonic posted his teasers, I had picked this one to have the shortest lifespan of all of the fall premiers.  I stand by this prediction after watching all of the teasers at this point. 9/22 8pm

2.       Last Man Standing – Tim Allen will appeal to many. The preview is cute, but we will see how long the gender stereotypes will draw the laughs.  It will survive on strength of script and acting through the first season. 10/11 8pm

3.       Man Up – Teaser was funny. I might give this a chance depending on where it lands in the line-up. Our SageTV set-up only has 6 tuners. 10/18 8:30pm

4.       Once Upon a Time – I will not be watching and I doubt many others will either.  It would make an intriguing movie, but not sure this will make it as a series. 10/23 8pm

5.      Pan AmThis is one of the 2 rip-offs of the wildly popular Mad Men genre. Personally, I feel they will both fail. The question is, how epically? 9/25 10pm

6.       Revenge – According to something I read recently, women watch more hours of TV than men by a huge amount per week.  This one was made with us in mind. This is the last season for Desperate Housewives and with 2 ABC soaps cancelled we need someplace to get our drama. I will watch it and see how I feel after a few episodes. 9/21 10pm

7.       Suburgatory – I don’t know why, but the preview makes me giggle. Probably, because I teach HS. Timeslot will mean everything to this show. It needs to lead into or follow a show popular with HS students like Glee.  It cannot compete with an already established winner with the age group regardless of its witty irreverence. 9/28 8:30pm


1.       Two Broke Girls -  This show is broke!  The preview had a few giggles, but I think the best is what you are seeing, which isn’t a raging endorsement by any stretch of the imagination. 9/19 9:3pm

2.       A Gifted Man – The Ghost Whisperer meets House. Preview makes it watchable, but I am going to hold my opinion for a few weeks into the season.  I will DVR and see what happens (probably a 2nd tier selection). 9/23 8pm

3.       How to be a Gentleman -  The acting is TERRIBLE but the script is AWESOME!!!  I will watch this. I hope it is as good as the clip. 9/29 8:30pm

4.       Person of Interest – This show is going to appeal to some geeks out there.  A cop show, but has some sci-fi added in.  Throw in Lost’s Ben and you have a winner! The Geektonic house will be watching this. 9/22 9pm

5.       Unforgettable – Forgettable.  I don’t know about this one as a show, but I can tell you that she would be REALLY annoying in real life. Can you imagine someone that never forgot a detail of any argument you ever had? 9/20 10pm



1.       Allen Gregory – People might like this, but I am not a fan of the “adult cartoon” genre.  I still cannot believe that Archer made it out of season 1. 10/30 8:30pm

2.       New Girl­­ - The only thing holding this one back long term is whether or not Fox can keep Zooey Deschanel on network TV.  This is my pic to be this year’s break away comedy. Love her, love the concept, love the script! THIS IS A WINNER!!! This season’s Modern Family. 9/20 9pm

3.       Terra Nova – I prefer to hold judgment on sci-fi adventures until they actually get going. I worry that the cost benefit of this show will have the network cancelling it at the end of the season despite decent ratings. It is going to have to get GREAT ratings to survive. Do I really want to get vested in another 1 season wonder? (Flash Forward & Invasion) 9/26 8pm

4.      X Factor – Simon and Paula are reunited and it feels so good…. JK – this will do ok. We shall soon see if Simon really has star power after all. 9/21 8pm



1.       Free Agents -  This looks TERRIBLE!, but I hated Community and it survives.

2.       Grimm- I was not impressed. Kind of creepy, actually. 9/14 10:30pm

3.       The Playboy Club -  See my comments on Pan Am. The thing this one has going for it over Pan Am is bunnies. 9/19 10pm

4.       Prime Suspect Hurray! Another cop show! Girl trying to make it with the big bad boys club. I think I will pass, unless they get an uber-sweet time slot where it has NO completion. 9/22 10pm

5.       Smash – I love me some Broadway musicals, but I don’t necessarily like watching TV shows about the making of a Broadway musical. The woman can really sing, but I don’t know that this one has any staying power. 2/6 10pm

6.       Up All Night – Christina Applegate is back on the scene.  Clip was funny, but time slot will make or break this show. 9/14 10pm

7.       Whitney – Thought this was FUNNY. I will watch it. 9/22 9:30pm


I am over the age of 18 so I don’t care about any of these shows!



                Winners:  New Girl, Revenge & Person of Interest

                Losers: Charlie’s Angels, Pan Am & Once Upon a Time

Take these opinions for what they are…. I am still reeling over the cancelation of Outsourced & Terriers, two faves in the Geektonic house, and mystified by the success of Archer & Parks and Recreation.

Be sure and check out the GeekTonic 2011 Fall TV Season premieres guide that highlights all the new shows and provides a detailed listing of all TV premieres for the Fall and early-winter TV season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

TV This Week-Premieres & Finales 9/11/2011

This week’s TV schedule things begin to heat back up with the Fall TV season just getting started.

As you prepare for this new TV season, be sure and check out the GeekTonic 2011 Fall TV Season premieres guide highlight all the new shows and provide a detailed listing of all TV premieres for the Fall and early-winter TV season.  Read on for the GeekTonic weekly TV update highlighting all the new premieres, finales and specials coming up this week.

Ringer on CW

CW brings back Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Ringer” this Tuesday

Sunday, September 11

America Remembers – 9/11 (8pm on PBS) A special documentary commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist attacks with memorial events and personal testimonies.


9/11: 10 Years Later (8pm on CBS) A special documentary hosted by Robert De Niro commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist attacks.

True Blood (9pm on HBO) Season 4 finale

Rebirth (9pm on Showtime) A documentary about five people whose lives were transformed by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

In the Flow With Affion Crocket (9:30pm on Fox) Season 1 finale

Curb Your Enthusiasm (10:05pm on HBO) Season 1 finale

Entourage (10:35pm on HBO) Season 8 finale which is also the final episode for this series


Monday, September 12

Bachelor Pad (8pm on ABC) Season 2 finale

Showhouse Showdown (10pm on HGTV) New Home & Garden series

The Best Thing I Ever Ate (10pm on Food) Season 6 premiere

The 2011 Miss Universe Pageant  (9pm on NBC)


Tuesday, September 13

Rise Up (7pm on ESPN) Season premiere for a new ESPN reality series.  Rise Up tells the story of four communities coming together to renovate their local high school’s athletic facilities.  The inspirational, four-episode series will showcase renovation projects from start to finish and will also focus on giving students advice, training, and tools that they can use to become better athletes.

Miracle Babies (8pm on National Geographic Wild) New animal/nature series

It’s Worth What? (8pm on NBC) Season 1 finale

90210 (8pm on CW) Season 4 premiere

Ringer (9pm on CW) New drama/mystery series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.  This one was originally supposed to air on CBS, but was moved to CW at the last moment.  It actually looks better than CW’s standard fare.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the CW New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

Parenthood (10pm on NBC) Season 3 premiere

I Hate My Bath (10:30pm on DIY) New home & garden series


Wednesday, September 14

H8R (8pm on CW) A new reality series about reality series stars.  Yes you read that right.  Mario Lopez hosts this new reality series from CW.  Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey of Extra is working on a new show that pairs people with the celebrities they hate.  This show lets reality TV’s biggest detractors meet face to face with the stars they loathe.  First up will be Kim Kardashian and Jersy Shore’s Snooki.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the CW New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

America’s Got Talent (8pm on NBC) Season 6 finale

Survivor: South Pacific (8pm on CBS) Season 23 premiere

Buried Treasure (8pm on Fox) Season 1 finale

America’s Next Top Model (9pm on CW) Season 17 premiere

Scammed (9pm on History) A special documentary/history show with Paul Wilson exploring the many schemes that have plagued unsuspecting people over the past hundreds of years.

Big Brother (9:30pm on CBC) Season 13 finale

Operation Repo (9:30pm on TruTV) Season 9 premiere

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (10pm on TruTV) New reality series where Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan offers his “expertise” (and name) to the new Micro Championship Wrestling.

Up All Night (10pm on NBC) a new sitcom series starring Christina Applegate.  A couple experience the fun of a new baby.  The mom is a professional woman, the dad gets to take care of the baby at home.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the NBC New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

Necessary Roughness (10pm on USA) Season 1 finale

Deadliest Warrior (10pm on Spike) Season 3 finale

Free Agents (10:30pm on NBC) New sitcom series borrowed from the original U.K. series.  Two recently single coworkers end up becoming friends with “benefits.”  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the NBC New Premiere Page at GeekTonic


Thursday, September 15

Wipeout (8pm on ABC) Season 4 finale

The Vampire Diaries (8pm on CW) Season 3 premiere

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (10pm on FX) Season 7 premiere

Angels Among Us (9pm on CMT) New reality series – this first episode commemorates the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

The Secret Circle (9pm on CW) A new drama/fantasy series for the CW set.  After her mother dies in a mysterious accident, Cassie moves to a small town to live with her grandmother; after a series of strange and dangerous events, Cassie’s new friends reveal a secret.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the CW New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

NFL Turning Point (10pm on Versus) New sports-based series that examines in-depth the crucial moments from each game.

Archer (10:30pm on FX) Season 3 premiere


Friday, September 16

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (7:30pm on Cartoon Network) Season 3 premiere

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8pm on Cartoon) Season 4 premiere

2011 NCLR ALMA Awards (8pm on NBC) Honoring artistic achievements of Latinos in television, film and music; performers include Demi Lovato; Eva Longoria and George Lopez host.

Karaoke Battle USA (9pm on ABC) Season 1 finale

Need to Know (9:30pm on PBS) a news weekly hosted by, Jon Meacham, Editor of Newsweek. He will speak about current public affairs.

Roseanne’s Nuts (10pm on Lifetime) Season 1 finale


Saturday, September 17

Weathering Disaster (8pm on The Weather Channel) a new weather-based series.  First episode is about a tornado in Oklahoma

Celebrity Nightmares Decoded (10pm on Biography) New paranormal series

Blue Mountain State (11pm on Spike) Season 3 premiere


Sunday, September 18

Top Gear (10pm on History) Season 2 finale


Monday, September 19

Eureka (8pm on SyFy) Season 4 finale

Hell’s Kitchen (8pm on SyFy) Season 9 finale

How I Met Your Mother (8pm on ABC) Season 7 premiere

Dancing With The Stars (8pm on ABC) Season 13 premiere

The Sing-Off (8pm on NBC) Season 3 premiere

Two and a Half Men (9pm on CBS) Season 9 premiere

2 Broke Girls (9:31pm on CBS) A new sitcom series starring Whitney Cummings.  Experienced waitress Max Black teams up with her new co-worker, formerly rich Caroline, for a business venture.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the CBS New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

Hawaii Five-O (10pm on CBS) Season 2 premiere

The Playboy Club (10pm on NBC) New period drama centered around the Playboy Club.   Club regular Nick Dalton helps a new bunny out of a dangerous situation; the club's general manager tries to keep the mob from interfering with his business.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the NBC New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

Castle (10:01pm on ABC) Season 4 premiere

Intervention (11pm on Lifetime) Season 11 finale

The Protector (11pm on Lifetime) Season 1 finale

Watch What Happens: Live  (11pm on Bravo) Season 5 premiere


Tuesday, September 20

NCIS (8pm on CBS) Season 9 premiere

The Biggest Loser (8pm on NBC) Season 12 premiere

Glee (8pm on Fox) Season 3 premiere

NCIS: Los Angeles (9pm on CBS) Season 3 premiere

New Girl (9pm on Fox) New sitcom series starring Zooey Deschanel.    After a sudden breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Jess (Deschanel) moves in with three single guys; Jess' friends try to help her start dating again.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the Fox New Premiere Page at GeekTonic  Based on the preview trailer, this one looks good although I saw a short clip from the premiere episode and I’m not as sure.  I still plan to record it to see if it’s really funny or if the trailer just picked out all the funny parts to show us.

Raising Hope (9:30pm on Fox) Season 2 premiere

Unforgettable (10pm on CBS) New crime drama for CBS.  A murder reunites former detective Carrie Wells with her ex-boyfriend and colleague; Carrie must use her rare ability (photographic memory) to help solve the case.  For a complete synopsis & preview video head to the CBS New Premiere Page at GeekTonic

Tosh.0 (10pm on Comedy) Season 3 premiere

Teen Mom (10pm on MTV) Season 3 finale

Born to Dance (10pm on BET) Season 1 finale

Body of Proof (10:01pm on ABC) Season 2 premiere

Workaholics (10:30pm on Comedy) Season premiere


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