Friday, October 17, 2008

SageMC Refresh - New Features Arrive in SageMC 6.3.8

SageMC, the very popular replacement User Interface for the SageTV HTPC software has a new release and it is full of new features and improvements.

SageMC Dock Menu Style
     Screen-Shot of the new SageMC “Dock” menu style (very Apple-Like)

Not as much showy stuff as the last time SageMC was updated (think evolutionary – not revolutionary), but certainly some important new features, improvements and bug fixes in this version.  This update addresses many of the requests by SageMC users from the past several months and brings this custom UI up-to-date with the latest released version of SageTV.  The highlights of this release include:

This has been one of the most often requested fixes for SageMC.  SageTV’s latest version added a large amount of additional features to the Online Services menu.  Many more podcast categories are added, automatic updates for new online video feeds, ability to add your own custom online video/audio feeds
  • Online Services (Video & audio) menu now matches the standard SageTV Online Video page – this means your online channels are synced with SageTV’s servers so you have the most up-to-date channels.  You also now have the ability to add your own custom XML feeds for online video or audio.
                    Screen-shot of the Online Services Main Menu

SageMCOnlineServices Tech
                 Screen-shot of the Technology/Science Online Services Page

  • Added: T9-entry (think mobile phone style text entry except on a remote control) Alpha Search When viewing the Video Library, Recorded TV (grouped by title) and Music Library
  • Added:  Jump to titles by letter: hit the right button and a list of letters pops up, you can then select the letter to “jump to” all titles starting with that letter.  Works in My Videos Genre view and Recorded TV menu (grouped by title).
SageMC Letter Jump TV
Notice the Letters at the right of the Recorded TV Screen-shot above.  This box pops up when you navigate “right” with you remote or keyboard.  You then select a letter to view all media in that section that starts with that letter.
SageMC Letter Jump Movies Genre
  • Added: Filter button to My Videos (available filters are No Filter, Unwatched, DVD, non-DVD)
  • Added: ‘Save’ button to popup Stop Dialog for LiveTV
  • Added: Option to select default SageTV behavior for DVD FF/REW and/or DVD SkipFw2/SkipBack2
  • Added: ‘Other Showings’ button to TV Subgroup menu.
  • Added: AllButMovies filter to Recorded TV menu.  To view only non-movies in the recorded shows list.
  • Added: Airing Browser screen based on Movies screen. Can select any available primary category for browsing. Setting is sticky.  SageMC has had a “movies” button on the recorded TV page, but now you can select other “categories” and then filter down further among genre’s within that category.  For example, lets say you want that button to show “Sporting Events”.  Select “Sporting Events” instead of “Movies” and it will always display sporting events from the TV Guide.  You can then narrow those sporting events down by Genre such as “college football”, “auto racing” etc.  There is also the option to view by “on now”, “up next” and “all upcoming”.  You can further filter to “HD-only”, and “unwatched”.  A very nice improvement.
  • Added: Buttons to jump to music by Artist, music in Genre, and Album Detail in Now Playing screen.
  • Added: ‘Create Person Favorite’ button in options menu for ‘Person’ IMDB Search result.
  • Added: ‘Create Title/LeadRole Favorite’ button in options menu for ‘Title’ IMDB search result.
  • Added: Option (in Video Library and My TV screen specific options) to display full file path in Program Info screen when the file name is displayed.
  • Added: Numeric Time Jump ‘Minute’ Mode: Second time jump mode available during media playback in which you enter the time to jump to in minutes and then press FF or REW to execute the jump. This can be done at any time during playback and will not require the time bar to be visible. If a time beyond the end of the media file is entered, it will jump to 1 minute before the end of the file. This mode will be the default setting. The option to switch modes has been added to the OSD screen specific settings menu.
  • Added: Numeric Time Jump ‘Percent’ Mode: While the TimeBar is displayed in the Video OSD, 0-9 numeric entry will seek to location number*10% (i.e. 1 = 10%, 9 = 90%) of the available timeline.
  • Added: ‘Preserve Ex-Favorite Recordings’ setting in Recording Options screen. (default = true). This will cause orphaned recordings after cancellation of a Favorite to be converted to Manual recordings.
  • Added: Horizontal Parallel Schedule screen based on EPG. Added ‘Parallel View’ button to Schedule screen.
Above is a screen-shot of the parallel schedule view.  I really like this option as it shows me what is scheduled to record on which tuners.  A very nice improvement!
  • Added: Option to automatically skip time blocks with no scheduled recordings in Parallel Schedule screen using right and left arrows. Defaults to Enabled. May be disabled in MyTV screen specific settings.
  • Added: Conflict icon in Parallel Schedule screen for scheduled recordings that cause (unresolved) conflicts. Pressing Select on an item with the conflict icon takes you to the Conflict Detailed Info screen for that conflict.
  • The Weather default display forecast of 10 day s was changed to a 4 day forecast showing day and night forecast.
SageMC 4dayWeather
Switching the multi-day weather forecast to 4-days provides  a less cluttered screen and gives you an easy read of the day (on top) and night (at bottom) for each of the four upcoming days.
  • Added: Separate setting for random slideshow screensaver
  • Change: Any core settings such as channels setup, video folder setup, codec setup etc are handled in the ‘Detailed Setup’ from the default STV.  Before, there was a separate, buggy SageMC-specific menu for some of these settings which added confusion.  Now you seamlessly navigate to the detailed setup menu for these functions.
  • Fix: When you have created a submenu, Left-as-Back in Dynamic Submenus is now a universal setting
  • Added: Morph and Random slideshow transitions when core animations are enabled.
  • Added: Dock menu style. Added dock_background.png to default theme.
This new “Dock-Style” menu reminds me of Apple-type menus.  Check it out in the video below:

The Dock Menu joins the following Menu Types as options:
Text Menu – Pretty much the standard menu style we’re all used to
Text Menu Style
Icons – The menu layout is organized around the Menu Icon’s instead of text
Icon Menu Style
Fixed Focus – Much like the dock menu style except that the item in focus is always in the center of the screen instead of the “cursor” moving across the screen
Fixed Focus Menu Style
Horizontal Text – Think – Dock Menu Style but with text
Horizontal Text Menu Style
  • Added: Option (in Global UI Options > Behavior) to make Dynamic Menu Shortcut Keys global. (Can be used to jump to a filtered media library screen, for example)
  • Added: Ticker in Main Menu is now customizable. (position, scale, height) Original functionality of avoiding preview panel is still in place when the ticker is at position y = 1.0.
If you leave SageMC and navigate the default SageTV menu’s, there is now a “return to” menu item so you can easily return to the SageMC user interface.
  • Various improvements that will allow for further themes and UI customizations available
Many other bug fixes and improvements are included in this release.  Check out the full feature list at the SageMC forums.
SageTV is required to be installed to use the SageMC replacement UI.

Download SageMC UI (upgrade install) I've seeded a Torrent for SageMC Upgrade in case the SageTV forums is down or slow

Download Sage MC UI (full install) (if never installed before) Torrent Download

For more about how to install and use SageMC, check out the GeekTonic Guide to SageMC

SageTV Gets its Vista On with a Vista Sidebar Gadget

Not one to let Vista Media Center users have all the Vista fun, Craig (known as cncb on the SageTV forums) has created a Vista Sidebar gadget that displays current recordings with a “flyout” that shows the recording schedule. The SageTV Vista Sidebar Gadget can be run on any Vista PC networked with the Sage server.  The SageTV Web Server is required to be installed.

Here’s a screen-shot of the SageTV Vista Sidebar Gadget in action:
SageTV Vista SidebarGadget
The SageTV version is similar in function to the Vista Media Center Gadget for WebGuide

Read more about the SageTV Vista Sidebar Gadget at SageTV Forums

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Naming Today's HTPC

It is fairly common to see your media server and extenders referred to as a Home Theater PC or HTPC for short.  But more and more, those HTPC's are morphing into something more than a "PC".

I say that because we have "htpc" extenders (like the SageTV HD Extender or the VMC Linksys extender) and then there is the Xbox 360 which can be used as a VMC extender.  In the same genre is the AppleTV, TiVo and the ReplayTV, DVR boxes etc.  Another thing to note here is PC often is Windows-Centric which isn't very representative since we not only have Windows, but also Linux and Apple OS's running these devices.

So my question is this:  What should we call these devices?  Is there a good, all-encompassing name for the market?  Media Center seems to be an often used term since we see Microsoft Media Center, SageTV Media Center etc.  Is there a better name that should be used?

Deal of the Day - XBOX 360 Holiday Bundles as low as $169

Looking to pick up an XBox 360 for the Holidays or maybe as a Vista Media Center Extender? Now is your time with Dell Home (affiliate) offering some nice coupons to go with the recent price decreases of the Xbox 360's – The XBox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle can be had for $169 with free shipping with coupon.  Here’s the details:
Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle Xbox 360 Arcade, Sega Superstars Tennis game, five bundled Xbox Live Arcade Games, 256 MB Memory Unit and Xbox Live Silver Membership: $169 ($199.99 - $30 coupon) with free shipping after coupon (Coupon Code: 6VKNSMJK0PD7L8)
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle from Dell Home Expires: 10/23/2008

Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Pro 60 GB System Holiday Bundle
Xbox 360 Pro, Lego Indiana Jones & Kung Fu Panda games, 60GB Hard Drive, Xbox Live headset, Xbox Live Silver Membership: $249 ($299 - $50 coupon) with free shipping after coupon (Coupon Code: M69N0GW8WF$71V)
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Pro 60 GB System Holiday Bundle
Expires: 10/23/2008

Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle

Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle
Xbox 360 Elite, Lego Indiana Jones & Kung Fu Panda games, 120GB Hard Drive, Xbox Live headset, Xbox Live Silver Membership: $329.99 ($399.99 - $70 coupon) with free shipping after coupon (Coupon Code: 7H7JHWM8?HQTBR)
Microsoft Corporation Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle
Expires: 10/23/2008

I’ll confess, I only own a Wii, but I’m tempted by the Xbox 360 deals here – just to keep up with Zatz :)

found via Engadget

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Tivo/Nero LiquidTV Software Gets Reviewed

If you are curious about the new Tivo LiquidTV software by Nero, you'll want to check out Ben Drawbaugh's review over at EngadgetHD.  The review has plenty of screen-shots and photos and goes into the pros and cons of the software. 

Here is an excerpt from the EndgadgetHD review's conclusion:
"As TiVo fans we want to like the Nero Liquid TV software and can see two possible ways people might use it. First, there's the obvious roll your own DVR route that will enable you to turn just about any PC into a DVR. The second is as a companion for a real TiVo. The problem with both solutions is the price. Of course, if it did either spectacularly well, then it'd be worth the price, but the fact is it doesn't."

I think it will still appeal to those TiVo addicts who can't live without the TiVo UI, but beyond that I don't see this software doing very well.  I'm expecting to see plenty more reviews of LiquidTV soon so I'll be interested in others take on the new software.  You can read my original comments on how the LiquidTV software affects the HTPC market in this post.

Read the full review at EngadgetHD

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Microsoft Vista Media Center – October Updates Arrive

Microsoft has released the October 2008 Cumulative Update for Vista Media Center and VMC TV Pack today.  No big surprises or new features to speak of, but for those having issues with VMC or TV Pack the update will be very welcome.

This update includes fixes for Media Center, extenders, DRM support and the all-too-common “protected content” message that has been plaguing several VMC users over the past few months.

Fixes for the TV Pack include several of the same issues as well as a few problems that have cropped up that specifically trouble VMC TV Pack users.

Get all of the details on the updates from Chris Lanier

VMC October 2008 Cumulative Update

VMC TV Pack October 2008 Cumulative Update

Deal of the Day – SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual QAM Tuner $139

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network-based Dual Digital HDTV Tuner Ethernet Interface If you've been pondering the best way to get unencrypted QAM into your Home Theater PC, I highly recommend the SiliconDust HDHomeRun tuner.  It connects via the ethernet so it won't take up any space inside your computer or USB ports, can tune unencrypted QAM (digital/SD & HD) channels as well as OTA HD channels and it's a dual tuner to boot.  I’ve seen specials on the HDHR anywhere for $130 to $145 and today's deal is right in that range.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual QAM Tuner $138.99 with free shipping at Newegg (affiliate).  Add the HDHR to your shopping cart and enter promo code EMCBABEDC which lowers the price from $168.99 to $138.99

The HDHomeRun works with the following Software:
  • Windows Media Center:
    • MCE 2005 32-bit
    • MCE 2005 64-bit
    • Vista MCE 32-bit
    • Vista MCE 64-bit
  • SageTV - HTPC software for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, Mac & Linux
  • SnapStream BeyondTV - DVR for Windows
  • Elgato EyeTV - DVR for Mac
  • MythTV - DVR for Linux
  • MediaPortal - DVR for Windows
  • GB-PVR - DVR for Windows
  • VLC - Multi-platform media viewer
  • TSReader - MPEG-2 transport stream analysis
To check which channels are available to you through clear QAM, check out SiliconDusts Clear QAM database by inputing your zipcode and selecting your cable provider.
If you want to research the HDHR a little more before buying check out my review of the device from last year

Share Media With Your HTPC and Dropbox

dropboxI’ve been following the boxee teams work over the past several weeks and ran across an idea they floated for using DropBox with your HTPC.  The idea is so simple it is pure genius – kudos to the boxee team for thinking of this.  It give you a way to sync media files you may stumble across while at work, on the road or anywhere with an internet connection back to your HTPC.

Dropbox is an easy way to share files between computers.  For more on Dropbox check out the dropbox tour at their website.

Dropbox Folder on HTPC

The basic Dropbox/HTPC concept works like this. 
  1. First install dropbox on your HTPC computer.
  2. Next set up a folder on that HTPC computer to be your dropbox media folder.  This folder is where any media (movies, music, photos etc.) will appear when you share it with dropbox.
  3. Now add that folder as a media import directory for your HTPC software.  This will work with any HTPC software – we’ll use SageTV for this example:  Go to Detailed Settings>General>Media Center Import Directories and add the new directory.  I added for Music, Movies and Pictures so I can add any type of media file.Adding dropbox folder to sagetv
  4. Finally install dropbox on your remote computer or simple log into the dropbox website to share any file with your HTPC.
So now when I’m on the road and want to add a photo or video that I have on my work laptop to my HTPC, I can simply drag it to my dropbox icon in my taskbar: dropbox iconand it will be there when I get home – better yet it will be there right away for my family at home.  There are obviously other ways to accomplish this, but boxee does make it crazy-easy.
Now for the negatives:
  • dropbox stores stuff on their servers – so I wonder how transferring mp3 files and tv shows or videoclips will be handled.  Does this create some sort of copyright problem?
  • dropbox limits the file storage to 2gb for free users.  You can buy more, but – yeah 2gb can fill up quickly.
Other ways to accomplish this sort of sharing between computers and an HTPC:
  • P2P seems like a good way to do this.  It’s more complicated and if done the wrong way could cause copyright problems, but it is efficient.
  • VNC – again, not as easy but you bypass the central server and the problems that raises.  Probably the best way if you could make it as simple as possible
  • Remote Desktop Protocol – another option and a little easier then VNC
  • Other:  LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and probably many others.
I’m going to test this for a week or so to see how it goes and then try out some alternative ways to accomplish the same thing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

MediaPortal New RC3 Update Available

MediaPortal has a new update to their Free, Open Source, Windows Media Center Software.  This latest version is 1.00.0 RC3 and includes several bug fixes as well as a nice, new default theme called Blue3.
Blue3 uses a cartoonesque “mascot” that fits in well to the media center user interface.

The Blue3 theme isn’t yet available in 16:9, but will be soon.  The new theme is very nice looking as are many of the MediaPortal themes.  I have a short walk-through of the MediaPortal Interface using this new theme for you here:

Here's a screen-shot of the horizontal menu view which I didn't include in the screencast above:

If you’re looking for a free, open source Media Center software, MediaPortal is a good one that you should check out.  My experience with it was that the non-TV media stuff is pretty nice, but the TV engine needs more work.  Still, its free and has a large number of followers so its worth a look.  Out of the box, Media Portal supports Windows XP, XPMCE and Vista (with UAC turned off).

Check it out at the MediaPortal Website

Check out the GeekTonic comprehensive cheatsheet of MediaPortal Keyboard Shortcuts

Engadget Podcast Returns

I've been listening to (and watching) a lot of podcasts lately and one of my favorites is the EngadgetHD podcast with Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim (I was a guest last month).  I used to listen to the Engadget podcast (non-HD variety), but it's been dormant since January 2008.

Now that Joshua Topolsky is settling into his role as the Engadget Editor in Chief since Ryan Block and Peter Rojas have moved on, Engadget is reportedly starting the popular Engadget podcast starting today.

Reports are that the podcast should be available sometime today so check out the this link which should lead you to the new Engadget Podcast once it's been posted.

UPDATE: THE NEW ENGADGET PODCAST HAS BEEN POSTED follow this link to check it out.
Hosted by Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, and Nilay Patel with the guest being none other than Ryan Block of gdgt

I'll be sharing my favorite podcasts with you this week - if you have any you recommend I try out, let me know in the comments.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

TV Premiers: What To Watch 10/12 - 10/18

We’re finally nearing the end of new Fall 2008 premieres.  There are a handful of new ones this week for you.
(To see more about the past weeks premieres: week one , week two , week three, week four, week five, week six).

Note:  The complete guide to the Fall 2008 TV Premieres with a free, downloadable guide is here
 My Own Worst Enemy
                  My Own Worst Enemy


GeekTonic Picks for Shows Premiering This Week:
  • Eli Stone
  • Crusoe
NOTE: Times are EST
SUNDAY 10/12/2008
No new premieres

MONDAY 10/13/2008
My Own Worst Enemy (9pm on NBC – Available in HD) A new NBC show with two guys sharing the same body – one a super spy and another living a normal American life.  The two share the same body due to an experiment many years earlier.

TUESDAY 10/14/2008
Eli Stone (10pm on ABC – Available in HD) Season 2 - Eli hasn’t had his visions since his brain aneurysm surgery.

WEDNESDAY 10/15/2008
South Park (10pm on Comedy) South Park starts season 13.

THURSDAY 10/16/2008
No new premieres

FRIDAY 10/17/2008
Crusoe (8pm on NBC – Available in HD) A new show by NBC based on the very familiar story of Robinson Crusoe.  Robinson Crusoe along with his companion Friday gets stranded on an island for 28 years.
Crash (10pm on Starz – Available in HD) A new series on Starz.  Remember the movie about race relations in LA?  This would be the small-screen version of that…

SATURDAY 10/18/2008
No new premieres
This is the final "big week" of premieres for the Fall 2008 season.  There are a still a few remaining, individual shows coming however.  Shows such as “Frank TV”, “Stylista”, “30 Rock” “Surviving Suburbia”, “Bad Girls Club”, “Summer Heights High”, “The 24 “Redemption Movie” and “Secret Millionaire” among others.  I’ll post a preview of these before each one airs.

Free Halloween Jack O Lantern Templates - Over 40 Sites

Looking for the best, free Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Templates on the web?  I’ve compiled a list of over 40 different places where you can find free pumpkin carving patters to use as your Jack-O-Lantern Templates for this Halloween.  There are traditional, geeky, political, scary and fun patterns here - something for everyone.

NOTE:  10/24/2011 I've updated this list and crossed out a few dead links from last year.  More links will be added soon so bookmark this page

A little off-topic for GeekTonic, but I wanted to share.  Each Halloween, my daughter and I spend an evening carving several jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  She usually does two that turn out fantastic and then I do one or two as well.  Each year, we scour the Internet to find free printable templates to help in the carving or at least to give us some ideas. 

     Two Jack-O-Lanterns Carved by my family in past years

Forty–Plus Websites For Free Jack-O-Lantern Patterns
1. Jasmine’s Gallery – Political pumpkin carving patters including McCain, Obama, Palin and a lot more.  Also includes some more traditional patterns.
2. Stoneykins – a very nice collection of patterns for everyone.  Music-themed jack-o-lanterns, political, Sesame Street and other kids themes etc.
3. – Rock and Roll patterns including Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Elvis and more
4. – More traditional, but unique patterns
5. Haunted World – A handful of patterns including McCain, Obama and a few other nice ones
6. Disney - Disney character patterns!
7. PumpkinGlow – A large collection of Jack-O-Lantern Patterns organized into categories
8. - Here at the appropriately named you'll find a pretty nice selection of patterns.  One unique inclusion here is a how-to on making a pattern of your own (or anyone's) face using a photograph and a graphics editing program such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop.
9. FamilyFun - Nice pumpkin carving ideas as well as whole-pumpkin projects
10. EHow - Ehow has a large selection of simple, traditional Jack-O-Lantern Patters as well as some Letter/Monogram-type templates
11. Pumpkin Lady - Lots of free patterns as well as several "premium" ones.  You'll also find one of the better how-to's on carving your Jack-O-Lantern as well.
12. DotComWomen – Patterns including  a graveyard, haunted house, owl, crow and more
13. Celebrating Halloween – Some more traditional patterns mixed with some unique ones.
14. Extreme Pumpkin - For the winner of the most "extreme" and unusual Jack-O-Lanterns of the list head over to Extreme Pumpkin.  These are definitely NOT your typical jack-o-lanterns.  They have a book with more of these types of patterns available at Amazon (affiliate):
Extreme Pumpkins 1 The original book available at Amazon
Extreme Pumpkins 2 The sequel to Extreme Pumpkins available at Amazon
Here you'll find the flaming pumpkin head, the conjoined twins pumpkins and the puking pumpkin:
15. World Wildlife Fund – Animal and Nature themed patterns
16. Hersheys - Everyone's favorite candy company has 24 different patterns with 12 each of easy, intermediate and advanced patterns.
17. DLTK - A nice selection of Jack-O-Lantern Patterns with several themed for younger children including Thomas the Tank, Scooby Doo and others
18. Hewlett-Packard - HP has 7 different patterns for your carving pleasure.
19. Home Depot – 10 fairly difficult patterns that they hope will encourage you to purchase their Pumpkin-carving dremel :)  Tip:  If you really want a pumpkin dremel use a real one or buy the Pumpkin Dremel at Amazon (affiliate) to save a few bucks.
20. More traditional patterns
21. The Pumpkin Wizard – This is a very popular site with many free patterns and some additional members-only patterns here including traditional, patriotic, sports teams, celebrities and more.  It was so popular last year that the site went down several times the week before Halloween so check it out early.
22. The Pumpkin Farm - A few very simple, traditional Jack-O-Lantern patterns
23. Zombie Pumpkins - Some free some not - includes Mario, World of Warcraft patterns among others you don't see on any of the other sites listed here.

Cheshire Cat Photo by jdippold78 on flickr – pattern by Zombie Pumpkins for $2
24. Kim's Free Pumpkin Patterns  - More simple, traditional Jack-O-Lantern Patterns
25. Pumpkin Masters – Four nice Jack-O-Lantern Patterns from Pumpkin Masters, the maker of those pumpkin carving books you see sold in stores this time of year.  There are only four, but they're nice ones including Flack Jack , Ichabod's Fate, Good Bite Moon , and Grim Creeper
26. FabulousFoods – Several moderate to complicated patterns here including some traditional templates as well including  Screaming Skull, The Green Man, Skeleclown and more.
27. Better Home & Gardens - BHG has several Jack-O-Lantern stencils as well as many other Halloween themed projects
28. Yankee Halloween - has a US Flag pattern for free and advertise their many jack-o-lantern pattern books you can purchase.
29. Spookmaster -  has a handful of free patterns as well as a bunch of premium patterns
30. Home Logic - Four nice patterns including a Frankenstein, Reaper, Wolf and Skull
31. CBC News - CBC has some unique patters for Jack-O-Lanterns and a few non-jack-o-lantern pumpkin carving ideas.
32. Paper Pumpkins - 9 different easy, traditional pumpkin carving patterns for the kids
33. Pumpkin Lights - a few additional stencils for Jack-O-Lanterns
34. DIY Network - The DIY Network has several Jack-O-Lantern patterns, how-to's and other Halloween crafts for you.
35. - has 6 Jack-O-Lantern patterns from Reader's Digest.
36. ChrisDunmire - Chris Dunmire's Creative Slush blog has a very unique pattern he calls the "Nit Wits PUNKin".  Take a look at ChrisDunmire's resulting Jack-O-Lantern to understand why it's called creative...
37. EvilMadScientist - Here you will find the geekiest of all Jack-O-Lanterns.  It's a Cylon jack-o-lantern and has the how-to, but you'll need to do some electronics work to make this one.
  Photo and Design by
38. Fantasy Pumpkins – My favorite of the bunch.  I don’t have the talent for most of these, but I love seeing what they come up with each year.  Check out the Death Star, Diablo II, Mars Attacks and much, much more.  Many how-to’s on the individual pumpkins with stencils and videos as well.  A Must-see for anyone who likes carving or just seeing amazing Jack-O-Lanterns.

Draco Dragon Photo and Design by Fantasy Pumpkins
39. Family Management – several simple, traditional patterns
40. Associated Press Election Patterns - The AP has a large collection of political, presidential and election jack-o-lantern patterns for this year
41. Convert a Photo into a Jack-O-Lantern
42. Flickr Jack-O-Lantern Group - If you just need some inspiration for your own design and would like to see some photos of jack-o-lantern's created by others, be sure and check out the Jack-O-Lantern Group at flickr.
43. Star Wars Patterns-  All kinds of awesome Star Wars themed pumpkin carving patterns including Yoda, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Sith, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and more!
44. [NEW! 2009] ThinkGeek Geeky Patterns -  I large compilation of some really geeky pumpkin patterns.  I love em'!
45. Pumpkin Pile - Cartoons, Super Heroes, Sports, Video Games, Words, and more.  A really nice addition to the list for 2011!
46. Sweet Happy Life - 20 relatively easy but nice patterns.  New to the list 2011!
47. Mister Handyman - More simple patters for 2011
48. Angry Birds - Yeah, it's Angry Bird patterns added to the list in 2011
49. - Here's some patterns you likely haven't seen before.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, historic buildings and other history-centric patterns - new in 2011
50. - a pretty nice collection of patterns - added 2011.

How to carve a Jack-O-Lantern from a pumpkin:
Metacafe - A video how-to for a small, LED Jack-O-Lantern.  Cool.
Walts Pumpkin Carving Secrets – Shows you how to carve a pumpkin, create your own pattern, project images from the back of your jack-o-lantern and more

If you want to share your jack-o-lantern from this year or past year’s post a link in the comments below.