Wednesday, January 12, 2011

De-Stupify Windows 7 Windows Explorer

Since windows 95 I’ve used and loved the simple yet functional Windows Explorer to browse, edit and organize files of all kinds.  With Windows 7 which I love for the most part, several features in the windows explorer were removed to my great dismay.

The most used button for me was the “up one level button” which was a simple way to navigate up a folder/directory.  It’s a small thing and simple, but something I’ve missed since upgrading to Windows 7.  David Vielmetter pointed out a nice little open source project that brings this function along with many others back.

Classic Shell is a small, simple open source program that give you the option to install a classic StartMenu and/or Windows Explorer.  Below is a screen-shot of the button I was missing before.  Thanks to David for the find!Classic Shell

via David Vielmetter

Monday, January 10, 2011

TV Premieres, Finales & Specials This Week 01/10/2011

I missed a week of TV information for GeekTonic readers and for that I’m sorry.  But I’m back to feed your TV-addiction with this week’s complete listing of premieres, finales and specials for the week.


Off the Map

New medical drama, “Off the Map” premieres on ABC Wednesday

NOTE: All Times are Listed for EST – TV schedules subject to change


Sunday, January 9

Did anyone see “The Cape” on NBC?  Is it worth a watch?  Or how about “Shameless” on Showtime?  Two new, highly advertised series that I missed this past weekend.


Monday, January 10

Alaska Wing Men (8pm on National Geographic – HD) New 3-part series that looks at those who fly airplanes & helicopters to transport people around AlaskaNc

You’re Cut Off (9pm on VH1) Season premiere

The Bad Girls Club (9pm on Oxygen) Season premiere

Hoarders (10pm on A&E – HD) Season 3 finale

The X Life (10pm on VH1) New reality series where extreme athletes and their partners travel to Las Vegas for the Dew Tour.


Tuesday, January 11

NOVA (8pm on PBS – HD) Season premiere begins with “deadliest earthquakes” in Haiti & Chili

The Millionaire Matchmaker (9pm on Bravo – HD) Season finale

Lights Out (10pm on FX – HD) New drama series follows former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick Leary (Holt McCallany) as he struggles to find his identity and support his wife and daughters after retiring.  Stacy Keach also sars.

Teen Mom 2 (10pm on MTV – HD) New (or is it season 2) reality series

Tosh.0 (10pm on Comedy – HD) – Season premiere

Onion SportsDome (10:30pm on Comedy – HD) New series based on the popular “The Onion” website/news network.  The whole world of sports is covered including: teams, players, fans and crazy sports coverage.


Wednesday, January 12

Off the Map (10pm on ABC – HD) New romantic medical drama series where 3 doctors are transplanted from the U.S. to work in an isolated clinic in the tropics of South America.


Thursday, January 13

Police Women of Cincinnati (9pm on TLC – HD) New reality series

Beyond Scared Straight (10pm on A&E – HD) New reality series at the Valley State Prison for Women

Laugh Out Load Comedy Festival (11pm on Showtime – HD) New standup comedy series


Friday, January 14

The Ricky Gervais Show (9pm on HBO – HD) Season premiere

16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (9pm on VH1) Special awards show by the broadcast film critics association

Funny or Die Presents (Midnight on HBO – HD) Season premiere


Sunday, January 16

Big Love (9pm on HBO – HD) Season 5 premiere

2011 Miss America Pageant (9pm ABC – HD)

I Survived...Beyond & Back (10pm on Biography – HD) Season finale


Monday, January 17

Being Human (9pm on SyFy) Series premiere.  This one is a remake of a popular British show by the same name.  Three roommates in their 20s, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.

Harry’s Law (10pm on NBC – HD) New drama series where Harriet (Kathy Bates), Matthew and Malcolm; three people from completely different walks of life are brought together through fate and decide to start a law practice together in an old, rundown shoe store.

Heavy (10pm on A&E – HD) A new reality series centered around the heavy-set folk.

Skins (10pm on MTV – HD) New teen drama series borrowed from the UK


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Happy 2011 – I’m Back

I’ve been away from the blog thing for long enough I thought I’d take a moment to check in and provide a little status update.  First off, I’m still here but have been extremely busy with life including the holidays, long vacation, heavy work schedule demands.  Add to that a bit of burnout just before CES and well to be honest I was weighing my blogging life options.

After a fairly long, satisfying break I’ve decided to jump right back in and try to start back where I left off.  As longtime readers know I have times where I write often and many times where I’m just to darn busy to keep up with it all.  But long-term I’ll keep doing this GeekTonic gig because I like sharing with all of you.  My focus will continue to include SageTV and HTPC stuff but don’t be surprised if I just throw in a few other fun tech & media things that interest me.  Finally I want to say Happy 2011 and thanks for hanging in there with me!!

PS:  I’d love to have one or two bloggers join in on the fun and write an article on occasion.  Even if you already have your own blog this could be a great way to get experience and exposure.  And there just might be a nice perk or two thrown in also if you stick with me.

Stay tuned!