Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving Sale–My Gadgets For Cheap

I’ve been gathering the rest of my little-used gadget arsenal for the Memorial Day Weekend Gadget Garage Sale.  Here’s how it works.  If you are interested in any of the below items here’s how to purchase:

Note:  I can only ship to U.S. locations due to shipping costs.  My goal here is to find these gadgets a good home.  All items are used, but in good, working condition.

URC Home Theater Master MX-500 Learning Remote Control - This has been my go-to remote for many years.  I’ve used this older MX-500 and the newer MX-600 for several years with my home theater setup.  I’m selling this one for $29 plus $11.35 shipping.  Included is the remote, four AAA batteries and the original operating manual.


Brando USB 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Keyboard with Trackball – I’ve used this one on some of my test-HTPC’s and on a few DIY Digital Photo Frames.  It’s cheaply made, but it worked for my purposes.  I’m selling this one for $5 plus $11.35 Shipping



Hauppauge Remote Controls – I have a two different versions of these, but no need for them.  I’ll sell one for $7 plus $5.35 shipping or both for $10 plus $5.35 shipping.



Channel Vision E3200-RF Modulator – This one was an important part of my HTPC setup for a long time.  I used it to “blast” everything displaying on the living room TV to the kitchen TV – so the shows played in exact sync with each other.  I could even play a movie in the living room and turn on either the kitchen TV or upstairs master bedroom TV and the same movie was playing in all three rooms.   As we moved to HD however this didn’t work quite as well since it’s definitely not modulating an HD signal.  This would work great for a SD setup or a security camera setup.

I’m selling this one for $24 plus $11.35 shipping



Snapstream Firefly RF Remote Control –  UPDATE-SOLD

this is an oldie, but somewhat popular with the HTPC crowd.  I haven’t used this one in years, but I know there are some that like the RF-capability.  It was originally designed by Snapstream who at the time made HTPC software BeyondTV.  This one is going for $5 plus $5.35 shipping.  Also available at for $40 – I’ll throw in the Firefly Mini (smaller version in photo below (on right) for free if you want it with the Firefly.


MediaMVP with Remote & Power AdapterUPDATE – SOLD

Works as a basic media player, SageTV extender and GBPVR extender.  SD-only.  This guy handled TV in my gadget laboratory… er unfinished basement where I modified & made things.  Still works great – but it’s SD-only and I haven’t used it in the past year.  $9 plus $11.35 shipping



If you’re interested in more than one item, I can probably work out a deal on the shipping.  Or possibly a discount for taking extra stuff off of my hands all at once.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

TV Networks Sue Dish Over Commercial Skip

Dish Network launched a very limited version of commercial skipping for their satellite TV customers and now most of the big TV networks have sued Dish over it.


In the meantime, I continue to enjoy REAL commercial skipping with my aging SageTV setup.  I enjoy living in that no commercials world as long as I can.  I’m not surprised at all by the TV Networks lawsuit against Dish.  My bet is that Dish expects to quickly pull the feature after agreement from the networks that they will withdraw the lawsuit and in the end come out the tragic do-gooder brought down by the “big guys.”  All along Dish is getting valuable PR.

via ZatzNotFunny

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving Sale–AverMedia USB HD DVR Capture Device

Next on the list of must-sell items is the AverMedia USB HD DVR Video Capture Device (C874).  I’ve tested this (read: plugged it in and tuned with it) for one week.  Still works, but I have no need for it.  It’s selling for over $150 on Amazon new.


I’m selling this for $50 plus $14.99 shipping.  It does not work with SageTV as a tuner – I believe it does work with Microsoft MediaCenter (check to be sure).  I also know some who use it to offload from their cable box – such as UVerse and to record HD VideoGame playback.

Payment must be Paypal and I ship only to the U.S.

If you’re interested, send me a note here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving Sale–Hauppauge MediaMVP HD 1340


Update:  This item is now SOLD.

Next on the list of must-sell items is the Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD 1340.  This puppy has only been plugged in once.  Works fine, but I never used it.  It was intended as a replacement for the really old MediaMVP that was more “hackable” but this new version really never took off for Hauppauge.  It has much more in the way of media playback capabilities compared to the old MediaMVP.  To read more about it, click on this link to see the Amazon listing:

Hauppauge 1340 MediaMVP-HD Digital Media Player


I’m selling it for $10 plus $8 shipping.  Payment must be Paypal and I ship only to the U.S.If you’re interested, send me a note here.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving Sale–GlideTV Navigator Touchpad Remote



More HTPC stuff on my must-sell list. 

This is the GlideTV Navigator Touchpad Remote.  It’s intended for HTPC and Online Streaming-type of viewing from a computer-connected TV. 

This product didn’t really take off, but it’s functional and would be a nice addition for the HTPCr or cord cutter.

Here’s my review of the GlideTV last year.

Moving Sale– Wireless Keyboard for HTPC or Gaming

Update:  The keyboard has been sold.  More to come soon


It’s been a while…  I’ve stepped away from the blogging world almost entirely this past year and while I hope to get back to hit eventually, I’ve never been busier.  One of the things keeping me busy is a move from a larger, suburban home to a smaller, loft space.  This means many things to a HTPC hobbyist like myself including a need to downsize my gadget arsenal.  So I’m going to begin listing some of the HTPC and gadget-related stuff I’ll be selling here.  If someone is interested, send me a note here.

First up is my HTPC keyboard. 

It’s the BTC 9019 URF and has been a great companion to my HTPC computers over the years.  It is RF wireless and still works just fine.  I’m selling it for $10 plus 6.95 shipping.  I only accept Paypal.   Here’s my review of this very keyboard a few years back.