Thursday, February 22, 2007

My favorite Photo Learning Sites

While I haven't spent as much time learning about photography as I want to, I have a few favorite web sites and blogs on the topic.

1. Digital Photography School - this is a site/blog that is updated often. It is oriented in a "lesson" type structure where they teach you a new skill on the blog and then you can discuss the topic on their forums with other members. They have a flickr group where they share the photos so this is a great way to get involved with other photographers or you could just go it alone and learn from the informative posts.
2. PhotoJojo - This site is set up as a newsletter that they want you to subscribe to via e-mail. Instead, I just go to the site and click on Archives. There you will find all of the newsletters (posts) with some great information. It's a little different than your typical how to take a photo site and I like that.
3. Tips from the Top Floor the Photography podcast - This site is again a little different than the norm. It is a site that was built around a regular podcast that they publish on photography. If you don't know, a podcast is simply a audio or video recording that is "webcasted" for playback on mobile devices and/or computers. It gets the "podcast" name from the ipod. Anyway, the site has lots of information and you can subscribe to the podcast to listen to the actual show.
4. Flickr. As you know this is my favorite photo site. If you haven't already, sign up. Its free and its a great way to share your photos. My member name is evansfam so feel free to add me as a contact and then we can see each others photos (except for the ones you list as private of course). For a good guide on how to get more out of flickr try this article.