Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Checking In–The State of GeekTonic

Long-time followers of GeekTonic might have noticed that I’ve taken a few steps back from the media gadget pulse over these past few months.  Especially since Google purchased SageTV I’ve been a little…. okay a lot quiet.  Here’s the deal:

In the past two years the blog had to take a back seat to my day job which has quite honestly consumed me.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing for me – keeping busy in this economy is a good thing and I enjoy what I do.  But I hate that I’ve not been able to spend at least a little time each week on GeekTonic which had picked up quite a solid following.  As many of you know HTPC’s were a favorite topic of mine and SageTV was on its way to something really special in my opinion.  That something special needed help from the FCC aka AllVid but there was a chance this tiny little company called SageTV could be a real force in the competitive TV world.  Then Google swallowed up SageTV and in essence froze the SageTV ecosystem from growing.

I was already in over my head in terms of finding time to blog.  But this development of SageTV finally pushed me over the edge.  I gave up even trying to keep up with things – I took my attention away from the HTPC and media gadget world, stopped writing about it and put all of my remaining extra time and energy into my work and reading.  Google Plus and to a smaller degree Twitter was where I’ve shared mostly.  I fell into that trap that I said I would never go, but I did it to save myself from myself.

I’m not past that time of intense demand on my time, but I am still here.  GeekTonic will live on albeit in a smaller, less frequently updated way.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, I do have a lot more to say.  It will just come in irregular chunks of content.

PS:  I’m still keeping up the New TV content stuff for now.  Amazingly I get a LOT of eyeballs reading those weekly posts.