Monday, March 05, 2007

Adding a Rip DVD "plugin" to Beyond Media

The Snapstream blog recently mentioned this site as well as Peter's site in this post. That post was mostly to highlight the setup of our HTPC's. Peter's does a much better, more visual explanation of his setup so check it out at

Since then, I noticed that Peter had set up a "rip dvd" menu item on Beyond Media.
Peter explains how he does it on his site in detail. It's a simple script that calls DVD Decrypter with the selection of that menu item. It then automatically rips the dvd to your hard drive. After that, its simple to "add the movie" in the dvd library plugin and you have your movie on the HTPC. He also explains how to add menu items and icons into Beyond media. Pretty nice work by Peter.
Check out his How-to here: