Friday, April 20, 2007

Two more things That Would Make BeyondTV Nearly Perfect

I recently put down my top Seven Things That Would Make BeyondTV Nearly Perfect - lets call it my personal wishlist, but also the things that I think would make BeyondTV sales improve as well. I think it was pretty complete, but there are a few things I think I should add.

8. First, I think allowing those people who want to build an HTPC with a tiny footprint and free operating system would be happy with support for Linux or more specifically Ubuntu. Sage has moved this direction and I think it would benefit Snapstream's BeyondTV as well. It would allow people to build cheaper HTPC's and it would create an additional demand for BeyondTV as an easier-to-setup alternative to MythTV.
9. Second, how about DVB-T card support? Opening up BeyondTV to those in Europe and other non-US/Canada places would certainly help with demand would it not?