Monday, April 30, 2007

Watch HDTV anywhere in the neighborhood (AKA: wireless network for HDTV)!!!

There comes a time in a homeowners life that he realizes the importance of being able to play full high-definition content from his neighbor’s house 5 doors down… wirelessly. Never mind the fact that getting the needed 20mbit sustained wireless connection for HD inside of a single house is difficult. The prospect of HDTV between houses is tempting.Okay, its official. Jason & Zack, self proclaimed SnapStreamians are stars... After this post on the snapstream blog, they are getting lots of press on Endgadget and other popular websites. This project was not only cool, but never tried before as far as I know. They streamed high definition content from house to house.Join me in digging this story. It's just too good not to be on the first page of digg.

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