Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Posts I've Read - Recommended Reading For You

1. Google Maps Now Has GPS Capabilities - I love GPS and want a GPS enabled phone
2. How to Solder Wires - If you like to hack hardware and mess with projects like I do, this is a useful article.
3. Freesound - Davis Freeberg's Site of the Week - Sound effects for free - a link from Davis Freeberg's excellent web site.
4. 17 Web 2.0 sites optimized for your Wii Game Machine
- The Wii is hot. It isn't the highest powered, the best graphics or most flexible, but it is VERY popular and I'm seeing more and more web sites that work well with it including Snapstream's Couchville TV Guide Site.
5. HP's $1,500 Desktop with CableCard Included - It's only a single-tuner Cablecard and not upgradable in that respect, but hey - it's the cheapest CableCard PC advertised yet. Some day I'm going to have to buy one of these and strip out the CableCard to see if I can make it work with a non-VISTA MCE software...
6. iTunes Movie Rentals and Music Subscriptions? - From Dave Zatz excellent weblog.
7. How To Use your TiVo Series3 eSATA port to add an external drive - Grant's ProjectHTPC webblog is full of great content for HTPC users. Like me, he uses Snapstream's Beyond TV, but he also owns a Tivo Series3 and is apt to try the latest and the greatest media devices out there. I check his webblog daily.

As I said earlier this week, I plan to keep this 7 Post Recommendations as a recurring feature. If you have any recommendations for future posts, please feel free to comment on this post and let me know.