Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day for My Friends up North - Canada Playlist

I wanted to to take this moment to wish my Canadian Friends up north a happy Canada Day! For those of us Americans (and other countries for that matter) Canada Day commemorates the beginning of the establishment of the Canadian confederation through the 1867 British North America Act. Per the Wiki Article:

"The date represents the biggest step in the establishment of Canada as a
self-governing country, and the beginning of a gradual march towards full
independence from Britain, which was significantly advanced by the Statute of
and finally completed with the proclamation of the Constitution
by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, in 1982.

So there you have it. And for us Americans lets take some time to learn more about our neighbors to the North and South. Its way to easy in the United States to just focus on our country and ignore the rest - don't let that happen to you. I'll be posting a week of American Independence Day themed stuff for the remainder of the week, but wanted to recognize Canada Day first. To start this off, here are a couple of Canadian-Focused Patriotic Songs for your playlist. The hyperlinks take you to iTunes so you can sample the music and purchase if you want:

Even better, check out and Jam two sites which focus on Canadian music, bands and artists.