Friday, July 13, 2007

RSS subscribe to your Flickr Contacts Favorites

I'm a big fan of the online photo sharing site Flickr and when I add a new Flickr contact, I often check out that persons favorites. I just ran across a Yahoo Pipe that makes it possible to subscribe to an RSS feed of the latest photos marked as Favorites by your contacts. It's pretty easy to do with Yahoo Pipes:
  1. Go to the Yahoo Pipe's Flickr Contacts Faves Page

  2. Fill in the fields for your flickr name, # of photos to include for each contact and then input either "contact" to show one feed item per contact or "fave" to show one feed item per favorite.

  3. Press "Run Pipe"
  4. Select "Get an RSS" at the bottom of the page

Alternatively, the RSS feed is immediately accessible by
  1. copying the link below:

  2. Change "alias" in the link to either your flickr NSID or photostream alias (what follows in the address bar when you go here)

  3. Change "5" to the number of favorites from each contact to include in the feed

  4. "Contact" unchanged to display one feed item per contact, or changed to "fave" to display one feed item per fave.

The end result is an RSS feed with the most recent favorites (standard is five photos each) for every contact you have set up in flickr. Pretty cool - especially if your contacts have similar taste or interests in photos. Below is a snapshot of the resulting rss feeds taken from GoogleReader:

This is a great way to discover new photos of interest to my flickr contacts and therefore of interest to me!