Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Reads

I've gathered a couple of interesting links from around the net:

Google's web-based PowerPoint clone is here and it's called Google Presentation - The official google blog announces the birth of Google Presentation - sure to continue Microsoft's nervousness about Google.

Warner Music to Sell iPod Compatible James Blunt Album on Myspace - Mashable reports that the new James Blunt CD is being sold on Myspace via LaLa.com.  The new thing about this is the download is iPod compatible.

Watch air traffic in real time - Pretend to be an air traffic controller.  gHacks tells us how to view air traffic happening live from the Atlanta tower and radar approach control.

Microsoft's First CableCARD Tuner was in 1999? - You think CableCARD is a new technology?  Think again.  Microsoft has obviously been struggling over the device for many years.  Story at Chris Lanier's blog.

Download Advertising-Supported Music for Free - Kevin at Floppyhead talks about the new ad-supported, but free music download service called Spiralfrog.

Ways to Fix iPod Scratches - A little how-to on how to fix scratches on your iPod from CyberNet News.

A wireless Wii Classic Controller - Gear Live talks about a new, third-party Wii Classic Controller that is wireless.


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