Sunday, November 25, 2007

SageTV 6.3.2 HTPC Software Beta Released

SageTV VideoThe latest Beta version of SageTV was released this past week as SageTV V6.3.2


UPDATE:  If you are interested in more details on the coming-soon SageTV HD Extender, READ THIS





This version's biggest feature is the addition of 125 new selections to the online services menu.  These include:

  • Hidden Universe HD
  • Beautiful Places in HD (Apple TV)
  • HD Yosimite with Tony Farlow
  • Comedy Insider (Apple TV)
  • Diggnation HD
  • Hubblecast HD
  • Washington Post Podcast HD
  • NASACast HD
  • SesameStreet Poscast
  • Nickelodeon Movies
  • NickJR Movies
  • Home & Garden Content (food, beer wine & more)
  • Sports Content (ESPN, NBA and more)
  • Entertainment Content (HBO Stand up, MTV Daily News, Comedy Central content and more)


Also included in this beta version is the following:

  • Hauppauge HVR-950 and ElGato EyeTV Hybrid support on the Macintosh (analog + ATSC)
  • HDHomeRun support for Macintosh (ATSC + QAM) (Linux support for HDHR will be in next build)
  • DXVA support added to SageTV MPEG Video Decoder
  • Support for the SageTV STX-HD100 Media Extender
  • Core animation system is enabled by default
  • Various bug fixes & performance optimizations
via SageTV forums


Here's a quick video of the SageTV online services in action:

For info on what was included in the previous (6.3.1) Beta release check out this post.


Remember, this is a beta version where the kinks get worked out so there will likely be some bumps.