Friday, December 14, 2007

Prescription for TV Networks To Weather the Writers Strike

My primary means for surviving the writers strike has been to load up my Home Theater PC DVR with recorded shows and then watch them through Spring and Summer 2008.  In addition to that, I plan to continue to rent movies from Netflix and catch up on some movies and TV shows that I missed out on before and while I'm at it spend some time outside :) 

Still, if I were a TV Network exec (God forbid) and were trying to fill the next several months with worthwhile programming here's what I would do while waiting for the writers strike to be resolved.  It's a pretty easy solution actually and could revive some decent shows that deserved to be saved.


Firefly - Re-run the Firefly TV episodes in their originally intended order and then finish with the Firefly Serenity movie.  Promote the heck out of it and bring in tons of viewers who never saw it the first time.  If it gets good enough ratings, bring it back with new seasons once the writers strike is over and you have an easy hit TV show.

Jericho - With a new, second season of Jericho coming soon albeit only seven episodes they should air the first season one more time in prime-time and again promote it in a big way.  They did this during the Summer but it was right around July 4th when many would-be viewers were not watching television.  Do it again now when it can get the attention it deserves and you bring in new viewers ready to make the second season of Jericho a success.

Heroes - Show Heroes from the beginning, promote it and again bring in new viewers to the show when there is a television audience looking for something quality (read not reality tv) to watch.

Bottom line is you can air re-runs if they are quality ones and you promote them as must-watch "classics" that you don't want to miss - bring in some behind the scenes special clips or something like that and

What other shows out there should the networks bring back for reruns?  I'm thinking shows that have either been canceled or not received the attention they deserved the first time around.  Also, how are you planning to deal with the writers strike fallout?  Let me know in the comments.


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