Monday, January 14, 2008

Virtual Reality Wii Remote Hack

Whether you are a hard-core gamer or a casual gamer, Johnny Chung Lee's latest Wii hack will be of interest to you.  Late December, Mr. Lee posted this video showing off a simple, but amazingly realistic virtual reality head tracker. 


The hack basically turns your TV into a live window - imagine looking out of a window of a spacecraft as objects are moving and as you move around in the room, you see different things through that window.  Take the time to watch this 5 minute video.  Don't let the geekiness of it all keep you from making it to the middle of the video - I promise it's worth it.  The effect is one you just have to see to totally understand so without further discussion here it is:

I must say it would be rather easy for game console makers to incorporate this type of functionality into their games and would open up another level of reality to your video games.  You may have already seen this video since it's already been viewed over 2 Million times, but I wanted to share it with you just in case.

Lee has the software you can download on his project page and try this for your self with just a Wii remote.

To see more of Mr. Lee's Wii projects, head over to his website