Saturday, January 05, 2008

Week in Review: Week Ending 1/5/2008

Well, actually its a few weeks in review, but due to the vacation and light posting I'm wrapping the last several posts up here.  I have several good posts planned for this week and if you're interested in a view of the CES shows first-hand, keep an eye on the ZatzNotFunny Blog for a few first-hand reports from Dave Zatz and Mari Sibley who are both in Vegas for the show.


Netflix teaming with LG for Set-Top Box

  The Hacking Netflix Weblog is reporting that Netflix is teaming up with LG to make a set-top box that will stream movies (not store them) to your TV.



How To Convert Beyond TV Shows into SageTV

...a simple solution to this problem for anyone migrating from Beyond TV to SageTV or even for those who might want to take SageTV for a test run....


Send a Free Email Card With Flickr

Time has run out if you want to send a Greeting Card via snail mail.  One of my favorite flickr hacks is a site called Delivr.


Taking a Netflix Vacation - How to Temporarily Hold Your Netflix Account


Netflix has a nice Vacation-Hold Feature they've added in the past year that is really nice.  Being a long-time Netflix subscriber I've always struggled with how to deal with times when I'm on vacation or going through weeks when I'm too busy to watch the movies Netflix sends me...


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Still a Problem?

I was at the UPS store shipping a few packages and realized there were two different people (unrelated) in the store with XBox360's on their way to be repaired.  I asked them about it and they both said their XBox360 quit working and they were experiencing the "Red Ring of Death."....