Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Writers Strike TV Alternatives Part 1: Get Your TV From Netflix

netflix watch nowYou're running out of new television shows to watch with the writers strike leaving us with mostly reruns and reality programming.  Its cold outside and you're looking for some cheap entertainment for your TV.  One way to solve this problem is using Netflix.  I'm going the cheap route with Netflix with the unlimited one-dvd-out-at a time for $9.68 per month.  I'm watching more movies and a few television programs on DVD that I missed when they first aired.  Now that Netflix has changed most subscriptions to unlimited "watch-instantly" (streaming) I've begun watching some television shows and movies from my HTPC and laptop.

I chose Netflix for this purpose because I think the quality of their streaming feature is one of the best and most reliable available on the net.  The selection is still fairly limited, but it is getting better so it's a good method for catching up on shows you might have missed when they first ran on TV.

What TV programs are available right now on Netflix?  I'll run through a few of the notable TV programs available on Netflix watch-instantly today:

There are plenty (they say over 6,000) of movies on Netflix's Watch-Instantly page as well although the new releases aren't there and the more recent movies are far and few between for now.  I suspect this will change as Netflix pushes out their set-top boxes.