Thursday, February 07, 2008

Coverflow Style Flickr Slideshow

Are you a fan of the cover flow browsing you see in Apple's iTunes and iPhone?  Well so am I and I've stumbled across two sites that let you make your own coverflow-type slideshow using either your Flickr or Picasa photos.


The first site I found has a nice interface to customize your slideshow based on a photoset id, username etc.  You can also customize the interface to work as an automatic slideshow or just a photo browser.  Photo size can be large, medium or small and you can customize the number of photos in the show as well.



The resulting slideshow is very nice.  You can let the slideshow run automatically with a configurable delay between photos or use your arrow keys to move left and right between photos.


To set up your own Coverflow flickr slideshow, head over to for the coverflow slideshow.



Another site that does a nice coverflow-type slideshow is Guckn.  Guckn is a site that displays recent uploaded photos from Flickr in cover flow style. Use your arrow keys to browse the photos in coverflow style.  To customize with your own flickr photosets, click the "?" button on the right top hand side of the page to add the bookmarklet to your browser. Than, browse other flickr album, click the bookmarklet and it will be in cover flow style, too.  I couldn't seem to get the bookmarklet to work, so alternatively, you can substitute for the in your photoset url like this:

original photoset url

new photoset url

Your new photoset will look like this

flickrcoverflow guckn

Instead of the standard flickr slideshow like this one below.



You can do the same thing with your Picasa photos using the Guckn site.  Read more about the Guckn Flickr Slideshow at the blog.


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