Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Napster Offering Over 6M DRM Free MP3s


In what can only be described as an amazing irony, AP is reporting that today, Napster will begin offering its complete catalog of over 6 million music tracks in DRM-Free (aka unprotected) MP3 format.

All four major music labels along with countless indie labels are represented in the store.  Add to this that every track will be available at 99-cents!  This in my opinion is the equivalent of the music industries final acceptance that their old business structure is dead.  It's about time......


At first glance, Napster's store isn't very well done.  And add to that the fact that their subscription model where you pay $13 a month for all you can rent music is still their main business.  Still, it's the fact that the music industry has gone full circle on the concept of DRM-Free music that is somewhat amazing to me.

While we're on the topic of digital music, I wonder why people are still buying DRM'd tracks when there are DRM free tracks available?  I'm purchasing all of my tracks from Amazon right now because they are DRM-Free.  ITunes won't get any more of my business until they are competitive on DRM-Free digital music.

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