Monday, October 06, 2008

LG-300 Blu-Ray Player with Netflix Watch-Now Preorder

LG BD-300The latest Netflix Watch-Now device is now available for preorder.  This time it’s a Blu-ray player with the Netflix Watch-Now service built-in.  They originally announced that it would sell for under $500 and we all (okay me at least) thought that meant 499.99, but it’s looking like $450 will be the list price which is more than I would pay, but the actual sales prices are in the $350 – 400 range which isn’t too shabby.

My take on this device:  If it’s a quality Blu-Ray player and the price is $350 or lower, it looks like a decent deal.  The main thing it’s missing is WiFi so you will need an Ethernet connection close by to use the Netflix streaming functionality.  If it could also act as an extender to VMC or SageTV for instance, that would make this a very nice box but unfortunately that isn’t the case here.

You can get your Amazon Preorder LG BD-300 (price currently $388.72) or preorder at CircuitCity (price currently $349.99)

Engadget has a nice collection of photos of this device for your viewing pleasure.

via Gizmodo