Monday, November 17, 2008

New XBMC ‘Atlantis’ Media Center Released

XBMC Atlantis
XBMC, a popular free & open-source media center application originally created for the original XBox has really been a mover and shaker in the HTPC world.  First off, it’s the basis of many of the open-source HTPC programs out there such as Plex, Media Portal and now Boxee.  With the Atlantis version it also has been made cross-platform so it works on the Xbox (the old kind), Linux, Mac OSX, AppleTV and Winows.
The release includes many new features including iTunes and iPhoto integration for XBMC on your Mac.  Also included is a nice, beautiful “skin”.  It’s still in beta so you’re likely to find a few bugs, but it should be mostly in working condition and worth trying out.
Read more about the XBMC Atlantis Release at the XBMC Website