Sunday, December 28, 2008

XBMC Goes Mobile on a Mobile Internet Device

Taking XBMC HTPC program Mobile

XBMC has been getting a lot of good press lately as one of the more active, open-source HTPC programs available.  Now some are trying to take XBMC mobile.  Mobile Internet Devices known as MID’s with the right processor could make this possible.  A video has been posted on YouTube showing the XBMC HTPC interface running on a Compal Jax10 MID.  As noted in the video, only the music is working so far and I question whether HD video will work at all.

The Compal Jax10 MID has a Linux OS with a Intel Atom 800Mhz processor along with the Intel GMA500 GPU.  While taking the HTPC interface mobile is exciting, the big drawback with this concept is the lack of hard drive storage space.  The only real way to make your mobile HTPC device work the way it should is to include placeshifting of sorts with a mobile connection.  Still, very interesting and worth a view.

Check it out here:

via XBMC forums