Monday, June 01, 2009

eBooks Future Form Factor

Watching this demo of the Plastic Logic thin-film eBook Reader, I see this form factor as the future of eBook Readers. 

I’m not sure how well it would compete today versus other eBook readers on the market including the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3, but I think the super thin, paper-like form factor is just the thing to help increase eBook Reader adoption – that along with major price reductions.

I can see an eBook reader with this super-thin, flexible form factor really making newspaper reading and magazine reading more palatable on an eBook Reader – especially if you throw in full color and easy touch-screen navigation.

The question is who will be the first to bring this sort of technology for eBook readers to consumers?  The real battle with eBook readers is near.  Amazon has made significant progress with the Kindle brand.  Someone like Google, Apple or Microsoft could push the envelop further and with competition and innovation bring eBooks into the mainstream.

via TechCrunch