Friday, August 07, 2009

DVBLink Releases 2.0 Beta 1 with Multiple HD-PVR Support

DVBLink for HDPVR 2.0 Beta 1 has been released today, with major improvements in term of usability.  Many new features have been added with the most significant one being multi-Hauppauge HD-PVR support!

Updates include:

  • Full support for Multiple HD PVRs
  • Built-in line-up editor in HDPVRBridge Properties (simplified version based on GuideTool)
  • Improved smart upgrade installation (you won’t need to save your configuration manually anymore)
  • Introduction of hooks feature (change-channel, on-idle, on-standby, on-device-error-power-cycle)
  • Various UI/Configuration edition improvements.
  • Product version validation

Be sure and read this disclaimer though:

This version is for DVBLink for HDPVR experienced users that want to give a shot at the new features (especially the multi-hdpvr). Beginners, but Computer literate users, can also try installing it. Even if the installation documentation is not accurate yet the installation is very simplified and we are confident users will be able to find their way around it.

Contrary to the 1.0 Beta versions, this version is fully licensed. That means:

  • If you have a license for DVBLink for HDPVR, your license will still be valid/compatible with 2.0 Beta and with the future 2.0 Release
  • If you don’t have a license for DVBLink for HDPVR and you have installed the 30-days version, the 30-day counter won’t get reset with the 2.0 Beta installation
  • If you buy a license using the 2.0 Beta, the license is valid both for the old 1.0.2 version and the future 2.0 version as well


Read the official announcement & get the download at 1geek1tool