Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boxee App Makes Media Watching Even More Social

If you’ve ever had the urge to chat with others via the web while watching TV, you’ll be interested in this one.  A new social content-sharing startup company, Cliqset brings a pretty unique app to the Boxee HTPC world.  Share your Boxee, media-consuming information using the new Cliqset app and even share and discuss the media you’re watching on Boxee with others in the Cliqset world.


Cliqset, who also launched a desktop client for its sharing site (think of it as a cross between twitter and friendfeed) which brings together data from 60 or so social networks so you keep up with your friends over the web.

cliqset boxee chat

To use it you need to be a boxee user, add the Cliqset app into Boxee and you’re ready to go.  Once you have the app working in boxee you can have an over-the-web chat with online friends centered around a specific TV show or movie for instance.  The app uses Boxee’s “now playing” information to allow users to comment or chat about the video being watched.  Very cool!

I’m seeing possibilities for watching comedy or perhaps a little Mystery Science Theater 2000???

Read more about the Boxee Cliqset app at the Boxee Blog