Thursday, October 08, 2009

GeekTonic Policy on Reviewed Items

Given the FTC’s recent push towards better disclosure of product reviews on blogs I thought I’d reiterate the process GeekTonic takes with all reviews – the same policy I’ve followed from day one.

GeekTonic reviews products in a way that is as unbiased and objective as possible.  Items that are reviewed fall under two categories:

1. Products provided for review to GeekTonic – after the review is complete, these products are either returned to the vendor or given away through GeekTonic contests.  They are never kept to be used by the writer/s of this blog unless the item is purchased.  Thus far I’ve either returned all products OR run a giveaway to give the product away to one lucky reader.  Reviewed software provided by vendors is disclosed as such and uninstalled or purchased after publication.  Examples of this include the review of the SageTV HD200, the Vidabox Keyboard among many others.

2. Products purchased to use that are also reviewed – These are items I’ve purchased for my own use or items other writers have purchased for their use.  These products are reviewed and of course kept as they were purchased and not provided for free.  An example of this is the Kindle 2 which was reviewed earlier this year and is still used and loved by my wife and I – we paid for that one and it was noted in the review.

One of the two categories have been followed for every review written thus far except for a couple of products that are being held to giveaway at the end of this year (so stay tuned).  Any exception from this policy will be specifically noted in the review.  Reviews on this blog are the opinion of the reviewer only and open to interpretation, but every effort is made to keep the review as objective as possible.

Feel free to read about all GeekTonic policies here