Monday, January 11, 2010

MyMovies Support For SageTV Coming Soon

If you’ve ever used Windows MediaCenter, you are likely familiar with MyMovies a popular Movie metadata cataloging and management add-on for MediaCenter.  SageTV has some of these capabilities now with various add-ons, but lacking some key features that MyMovies users have had.  Thanks to third party developer, PluckyHD that’s about to change.  PluckyHD, the developer of SageMovieWall is developing a MyMovies program that works with the MyMovies database and add-ons!


What is MyMovies?

In a nutshell, MyMovies is a movie collection & cataloging program that enables the user to easily browse and play your movies, browse cast members, play movie trailers and much more all with your remote control.  It brings in the metadata automatically into your HTPC and allows for easy management of that data for your movie collection


Read on for more about what MyMovies brings to SageTV - after the jump:

What Would the New MyMovies Program add to SageTV?

All of the functionality that MyMovies offers to MediaCenter users would also be available to SageTV users through this port.  That includes the movie “database” management which pulls in the metadata (movie information), photos such as DVD covers, dynamic filtering etc.

Another nice advantage of having MyMovies for SageTV is that it makes it easier for a MediaCenter user or a SageTV user to switch or at least “test” the other HTPC platform without having to re-do all of your movie metadata.

Here’s a quick summary of the things MyMovies would add to SageTV:

  • Full extender support – will work on HD100 and HD200 extenders!
  • Improved movie collection management with a much more mature product (around over 4 years and built by media center community)
  • Multi-disc/series box set support
  • Cost is Free - The core product support of mymovies is free to the user. Additional features may require some donations or contributions to the community.
  • SageTV MyMovies Add-on will be Free – PluckyHD wants to make it clear that he is making no money and not accepting donations from porting this to SageTV.
  • High res covers and backdrops by user selection.
  • Choose different versions of a movie on-the-fly (ie collectors/unrated etc etc)
  • Dynamic Filtering and Custom Categories for movies
  • Movie Trailer Support
  • Supports Local Trailer Playback & Custom Intros before the movies starts.
  • Parental Control/Lockout features!
  • Full Support for existing & future MyMovies Customizations – see a little about those customizations here

Another nice feature for SageTV users is that you’re able to keep all metadata named and stored in the same fashion as you do with SageTV using BMI (a SageTV-centric metadata add-on).

When Will It Be Ready?

The developer is working diligently on this port of MyMovies to SageTV now.  It isn’t ready quite yet and there isn’t an exact ETA although there has been talk of a possible beta in the coming month or two.  Feel free to comment to this post if you’re interested in this add-on – he needs the extra encouragement as this is a very time-intensive project.

Screenshots Anyone?

I’m dropping in a few screenshots.  These are early ones so they will likely change some – but should give you a great idea of how MyMovies for SageTV will look.  Suggestions on changes to these are welcome since he’s still working on them.


Questions or Comments?

For now post your questions here in the comments.  Please don’t direct these to Brian, the main MyMovies developer as PluckyHD will handle questions and suggestions.

You can direct your comments, questions and requests by comment in this post below or at the official SageTV Forum Thread about MyMovies for SageTV


Damian over at has experience with MyMovies and has posted his take on the news.