Monday, January 18, 2010

SageTV HD Theater Beta Update

It’s been quiet around the SageTV beta forums for the past month as they appear to be preparing for the next version of SageTV.  But it appears they still have some HD Theater extender/player goodness to throw our way while we wait.

The SageTV team has now released two new beta firmware updates for their popular HD Theater (HD200) Player/Extender.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but a few nice improvements/updates were included.  The most recent version adds support for NFS drives for imports and BD ISO support for the standalone player mode.  The beta firmware from earlier this month added some very cool music visualizations – check them out if you haven’t already:

Beta Firmware Version "20100118 1"

Core changes:

  1. Update rendering system (not sure what this means as of yet – but it sure sounds good ;)
  2. Fix playback of time-compressed 720p content
  3. Fix forced sub-picture decoding
  4. Fix invalid AVI parsing (won't seek)
  5. Various specific file playback fix

Media Player (Standalone) UI changes:
  1. Added support for 1080p option for YouTube videos.
  2. When modifying existing import paths in the File Browser, add paths before removing any to prevent removal of the mounted import path.
  3. Updated OSD's handling of duration for BD media and added the "BD Title Select" option in the pop-up options dialog during playback of BD media.


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