Sunday, February 21, 2010

TV Premieres, Finales & Specials This Week 02/21/2010

We’re in the final week of February and the TV sets are on cruise control with all of the Winter Olympics on the air.  It’s slim pickings here, but there are a few non-repeats on the set so read on.

Don’t miss the Ultimate Guide to the 2010 Winter TV Season Premieres with free downloads by premiere date & by show name!  I’ve updated this guide with some additions and network changes.

 Family Crews

                New series Family Crews premieres next Sunday


Sunday, February 21

School Gyrls (7pm on Nickelodeon) – A musical made-for-TV show where three freshmen (Mandy Rain, Jacquelyn Rae Pyles, Monica Parales) who love to sing and dance showcase their talents at an all-girl boarding school.

Weather Proof (9pm on Weather Channel) – New series on weather channel – yes you read that right…


Monday, February 22

Lost in the Nevada Triangle (8pm on National Geographic – Available in HD) - The disappearance of aviator Steve Fossett during a flight sparks a manhunt that shows dozens of aircraft have dropped from radar in California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

Men of a Certain Age (8pm on TNT – Available in HD) – Season 1 finale

Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts (10pm on Planet Green – Available in HD) – Season 1 finale


Tuesday, February 23

Frontline – Behind Taliban Lines (9pm on PBS – Available in HD) – The PBS documentary newsmagazine returns with an Afghan video journalist travels a region that has reverted back to Taliban control; Pakistan's troubled school system.

The Little Couple (10pm on TLC – Available in HD) – Season 2 finale


Wednesday, February 24

Aaron Stone (8pm on Disney XD) – Season 2 premiere

Dude, What Would Happen (8pm on Cartoon) – Season 2 premiere

Destroy Build Destroy (8:30pm on Cartoon) – Season 2 premiere

Conviction Kitchen (10pm on Planet Green – Available in HD) – Season 1 finale

Thursday, February 25

The Deep End (8pm on ABC – Available in HD) – Season 1 finale

Police Women on Maricopa County (9pm on TLC – Available in HD) – Season 2 premiere

XXI Winter Olympics - Ladies' Figure Skating Final (9pm on NBC – Available in HD) – always popular, the womens figure skating final is on NBC


Friday, February 26

Live from Abbey Road (8pm on Sundance – Available in HD) – Season 3 premiere is here with Counting Crows, Sugarland and Seal among other artists remembering the the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' "Abbey Road"


Saturday, February 27

Dance-a-Lot Robot (6:25am on Disney – Available in HD) – Series premiere

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (9am on Disney – Available in HD) – Series premier

Pit Boss (10pm on Animal Planet – Available in HD) – Season 1 finale

Sunday, February 28

The Family Crews (10pm on BET) – The guy who played the father on “Everybody Hates Chris,” Terry Crews stars in this docu-series

Sinbad: Where U Been? (11pm on Comedy) – Sinbad does a standup comic routine


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