Thursday, May 06, 2010

SageTV Gets Android App

taSageTV Android App

This year a third party developer has brought to SageTV a new Android app that turns your Android phone or mobile device into a remote control that allows you to control your HTPC system from your couch or anywhere your phone goes.

One of the nice things about a Home Theater PC is the flexibility and control the HTPC system provides over the media in your home.  The first line of control for HTPCs is of course the remote control – just like everyone else.  But more and more we see that control being pushed beyond the 10-foot interface and onto the many mobile devices consumers have these days. 


taSageTV – What Can it Do?

The new android app is called “taSageTV” which is short for Tallus Android SageTV.  This app allows you to monitor your SageTV HTPC, by browsing your Favorites (favorite TV series), scheduled recordings, etc.  So you can manage your favorites, schedule recordings, delete recordings, convert recordings to other formats etc. – all from afar.

It also doubles as a remote control for your SageTV devices (HTPCs, extenders etc) in the home enabling you to start, stop, pause playback, etc.

Testing is underway for streaming to your Android mobile device as well although it’s still in the early stages of this functionality.


Below I’ve included a few screenshots – most of these are from “brewston” on the SageTV forums:

Main Menu


Remote Control  & Channel Guide


Recorded Shows & Media Details


Music Albums


Free Version versus Paid Version

There is a fully-functional taSageTV app available to try things out although there is a limit of 10 media files per list on the free version.  The licensed version currently costs $9.99 and can be purchased directly from the developer.

From my past experience with the developer and seeing his already, long list of updates to the taSageTV app, you can be sure improvements and updates will continue as long as there is interest in the app.

About the developer

The developer of taSageTV is widely known as “Fonceur” in HTPC and Home Automation circles.  I first met fonceur on the BeyondTV HTPC forums as he developed some of the better 3rd party apps for BeyondTV.  Since then, he has developed apps for BeyondTV, SageTV, MainLobby and CQC.  He still uses BeyondTV as his primary HTPC setup in the home.  For more on his many applications for home automation and HTPCs head to the Tallus Website and check out his long list of applications he’s developed here

Read more about and download taSageTV at the TASageTV page of Tallus

Another great place to find out about the app and ask questions of the developer and other users is the taSageTV Forum Thread