Friday, July 16, 2010

SageTV Beta Release 7.0.12 Arrives


SageTV has another beta update to it’s SageTV 7 HTPC software – for Windows & Linux versions.  This update includes a bunch of bug fixes and several new, and notable features.

Changes include:

  • Automatic rotation of JPEG files based on EXIF Info.  Finally, this is the simple update I’ve been waiting for to make the photos section work the way I want it to.  More info:  automatic rotation of JPEG files when displaying them that have their EXIF orientation information specifying that they should be rotated. This works in all rendering modes and client types. This will apply to picture files imported into the library as well as any thumbnail images associated with those picture files. This ONLY affects display and does not actually modify the contents of the file
  • MKV Chapter support!
    • Can add custom images to the "User Images" subfolder under a theme folder to replace some images w/o having to create a new theme.
    • Converted theme system to define all variables & values in instead of in the STV.
    • Most font settings not adjustable in the UI are now themed.
    • Important Note: that any custom themes you are using likely will have issues with this version until the theme developer updates to this newest version.
  • Music Improvements (These are important ones for those wanting to use the music portion of SageTV):
    • Added support for ID3 v2.4 tags
    • Updated playlist importing process so that playlists are always analyzed after all the other importing is done to ensure the files exist in the database.
    • Updated playlist importing so that playlists that have missing elements are still imported; but the missing elements in them are just ignored.
  • Absolute minimum font size can be set
  • PGS (Blu-ray) subtitles in MKV (only playback on HD extenders)
  • Workaround for ATI driver bug in 4xxx series GPUs w/ EVR
  • ZLIB data compression on the placeshifter UI channel
  • Unlimited video buffering in placeshifter client
  • Lockout of setup menus using parental controls feature

Head to the SageTV forums for the full changelog and to download.