Monday, February 07, 2011

SageTV gets 3rd Party CableCard Support for Copy Freely Content

Well known HTPC developer Andy Van Til  released his SageDCT program out of private beta this past weekend.  SageDCT allows SageTV users to tune and record digital cable channels using any CableCard HTPC tuner along with HTPC software SageTV 7.  This program doesn’t require the use of Windows 7 MediaCenter at all as it tunes directly using SageTV.  The one, big bummer continues to be the fact that you can only use this with Copy-Freely content which keeps me from trying it since I have Time Warner Cable which is notorious for flagging all channels as Copy Protected except for the over-the-air channels like the major 4 networks and PBS.

Still, for many this will be very welcome news.  Check out the short video Andy made demonstrating how quickly channel changes are executed.



via MissingRemote

Read more about SageDCT & get the download at Andy’s website