Friday, March 04, 2011

Diamond UI Mod & Theme for SageTV Arrives

One of the more exciting 3rd party SageTV projects under development this past year is the SageTV Diamond Project.  Diamond, just released version 3.0 - a completely new User Interface and theme collection for SageTV7 created by three of the many talented developers (forum names: PluckyHD, Jorton, EvilPenguin & Jusjoken) working on SageTV projects right now.

Diamond is a project that modifies the SageTV 7 UI, adds some significant layout, look & feel changes, and functionality.  Based on the screenshots it should be a very popular addition to the many add-ons for SageTV.  I’m sharing the screenshots today and will have a demo video for you tomorrow.

Diamond Simplified Main Menu

Diamond Simplified TV All RecordingsDiamond Simplified Movies WallDiamond Simplified Movies FlowDiamond Simplified Movies ListFlowDiamond Simplified Movies Catagories

Read more about SageTV Diamond at the SageTV Forum thread and the SageTV Diamond Wiki

Speaking of SageTV news, There should be more fun stuff coming in the very near future.  Stay tuned!