Friday, June 24, 2011

SageTV Offers Free Upgrade to Existing Customers


After the acquisition of SageTV by Google, the store was closed and therefore there was no way to purchase a license upgrade from an older version of SageTV.  This put many who wanted to upgrade or were in the process of trying out the new version in limbo since they couldn’t purchase the upgrade even if they had installed the trial.

In what can only be viewed as a very nice goodwill gesture, the SageTV team (with Google’s permission) has announced free upgrades to the most recent version, SageTV 7 for anyone with a purchased SageTV 5 or SageTV 6 license!

Howdy All!
Got some good news for now. I've been authorized to post updated EXEs for SageTV and SageTVService Version 7 for Windows. These new EXEs do not need a V7 upgrade key to run. They will run with exisiting V5 or V6 licenses. This is to satisfy existing customers who did an upgrade to V7, but the trial has expired or is about to expire on them.
Replace your existing V7 EXE files for SageTV.exe and SageTVService.exe with the corresponding ones inside the zip files attached to this message. If you have an existing V5 or V6 key, then V7 will function for you properly.
Thanks an enjoy.

The SageTV team addressed many other questions from existing SageTV users in this Q&A I posted earlier this week.  Over the weekend I’ll address the bigger-picture ramifications of the Google acquisition of SageTV so stay tuned.

If you own SageTV 5 or 6 and haven’t yet upgraded to version 7, now is your time.  Grab the update at the SageTV forums now.