Thursday, December 08, 2011

Buy This - Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Video Camera

We continue our journey through one of the biggest gift-buying times around the world with the “Buy This” series.  A countless number of “bad” gifts will be purchased and gifted only to be tossed aside to join the museum of bad gifts.  Unfortunately well-meaning tech-centric gifts often end this way.  I’m here to change all of that with yet another inexpensive, but useful gift idea, a waterproof video camera.


This little Kodak video camera is a great addition for simple, quick videos. It takes decent still photos and quality videos as well.  While it lacks a flash, it does handle SD memory cards for easy expansion and most importantly it's waterproof up to 10 feet!  I studied the reviews and watched some videos made with the camera before purchasing as a family gift a few years ago and now there are three of these cameras in my extended family.

Most people have a Smartphone that takes decent video, but for travel the waterproof capability makes this the perfect camera for your trip.  I’ve used this on multiple snorkeling trips as well as at the pool and it works great.  It’s also good even out of the water and nice to not have to worry about getting it wet in the rain or on amusement park rides.

Here’s a video taken with the Playsport Camera:

There are two models available. I own the older, less expensive model Kodak Zx3 Playsport Waterproof Video Camera which sells on Amazon for $89 (other color options sell for more).

There is also a newer version, the Kodak Zx5 Playsport Waterproof Video Camera which starts at $99 on Amazon.

I also have a couple of travel tips for you with these cameras:

1. Purchase a small, foam boat key float and attach it to the lanyard you use with your camera.  This way even if you happen to let the camera fall off your wrist when recording in the water, it won’t sink.

2. Bring along extra SD cards so you can record as much as you want on the trip.