Thursday, December 01, 2011

Buy This–blueLounge CableDrop

It’s obviously a serious gift-buying time around the world.  And a countless number of “bad” gifts will be purchased and gifted only to be tossed aside to join the museum of bad gifts.  Unfortunately well-meaning tech-centric gifts often end this way.  I’m here to change all of that starting with a simple accessory, the blueLounge CableDrop


These are simple, flexible cable management clips for your desk and other locations you need to keep those cords under control.  There’s an peel-off adhesive on the bottom of these so you can place them anywhere.  I use them at my home office, bedside table and at work.  The look nice, don’t cost much and they work.  These are an easy, useful gift that could be used as a stocking stuffer for your favorite geek or pretty much anyone who deals with cords – read: anyone!

Purchase at blueLounge or Amazon