Monday, December 12, 2011

Convert Your SageTV Extender Into Squeezbox Music Player

Have you given up on the abandoned (thanks to Google’s purchase of SageTV) SageTV HTPC system?  Still have a SageTV Extender laying around waiting to be sold on EBay?  We'll here’s another use for it, convert it into a Squeezebox networked music player for free!


A SageTV enthusiast has created a download package to make the process fairly easy so you’ll be streaming music across your network to your SageTV HD200 or HD300 in no time.

Here’s his initial announcement from the SageTV Forums:

I'm very proud to announce that after weeks of painful research, coding, cross compiling and testing, I finally managed to "transform" (not in the physical sense of the term of course) an HD200 and an HD300 to a fully working headless squeezebox client connected to a squeeze server...
Well, the inspiration came after trying the excellent "SageTV Slimplayer" plugin. Despite the plugin did work very well, my requirements were a little bit different, for instance I didn't like the idea of switching my TV on to listen music, also the limitation of one extender at time was a big no-no for me. I currently have 5 extenders in my household and all of them are connected to a separate sound processor and in one instance the extender is hooked up to a Yamaha sound projector which in turns is connected to a video projector, so if I want to listen music in the lounge with the fireplace on, the last thing I want is to turn on the video projector as well. The ideal solution for me would be a Logitech Duet with one Squeeze Remote or some other software solution (Smartphone/iPad/Android), but that would mean buying five of them for a job that an extender is perfectly capable of (wireless connection included).”

If you’re interested head over to the SageTV Forums for more