Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving Sale–Hauppauge MediaMVP HD 1340


Update:  This item is now SOLD.

Next on the list of must-sell items is the Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD 1340.  This puppy has only been plugged in once.  Works fine, but I never used it.  It was intended as a replacement for the really old MediaMVP that was more “hackable” but this new version really never took off for Hauppauge.  It has much more in the way of media playback capabilities compared to the old MediaMVP.  To read more about it, click on this link to see the Amazon listing:

Hauppauge 1340 MediaMVP-HD Digital Media Player


I’m selling it for $10 plus $8 shipping.  Payment must be Paypal and I ship only to the U.S.If you’re interested, send me a note here.