Monday, July 30, 2012

GeekTonic Rises

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It’s been a nice, long break away from blogging these past many months.  Back in September of last year I mostly gave up writing on GeekTonic except for the weekly TV-centric posts and then in February I even stopped those.  Near the end of last summer I was already burning out but I tried to stay with it – it just wasn’t in me.  I invested a ton of time & energy in this thing because I love technology, especially when it’s mixed with media of all kind.  But the time spent on the day job mixed with preparation for a pretty major move (for me at least) finally pulled me away.  Today I decided to ease back into blogging on a smaller scale.

Articles will be less often and might be a mixture of topics.  I might at times really focus in on things such as Google Fiber, Apple TV, my transition from a suburban home mega-HTPC setup to a smaller, urban loft and who knows what else.  This will be me not following any of the advice I’ve read and learned about blogging, but I hope you’ll still enjoy reading.  I’ve had a lot of people encouraging me to get back into the game including family, friends, subscribers, twitter followers and Google + friends.