Monday, August 14, 2006

How I ended up using my PC to run TV, Movies and Music in the house

Changing the way we watch TV - Part 1
Back in 2003 or so I rented my first DVR machine from Time Warner Cable. I had heard of the TIVO's and replaytv, but had never tried them out. I always thought I didn’t watch enough TV for it to be of any use to me and didn’t want to pay a subscription fee every month or year. Then I received this offer from my cable company to upgrade to digital TV with the DVR box for the same money I was paying already. It was an introductory 6 month trial, but I thought why not! Well the rest is history. Not only did my wife & daughter instantly get hooked on the ability to pause live TV and record shows from the online guide with ease, I also found myself watching more of the shows I really wanted to. It was then I realized I would never watch TV ads again unless it was a live sporting event.

Coming soon:
Part 2: Could I actually use my PC as an entertainment server? (or) how I began using Meedio