Friday, August 18, 2006

Tech Projects I'm Working On

This will be my place to post updates on my current tech-related projects I work on. Here's a list of things I have ongoing:

I use Snapstream's Beyond TV and Beyond Media software to run my HTPC/PVR in the house. The software isn't perfect, but I have a nice working system that the wife & kid are actually happy with. I'll be tinkering with this for years to come.

Laptop Picture Frame:
I'm using my wife's old Sony VAIO laptop as an experiment. It died a year or so ago due the the power connector disconnecting from the motherboard. I bought her a new Dell laptop and have disassembled the darn thing to a point. If I ever get it working again, I'll re-assemble it as a digital photo frame.

I have my dad's old Pentium 133 PC that I'm adding jukebox software to as well as some MP3s. Some day I hope to use the innards of this PC inside of a bar-top jukebox for the game/media room.

I'll be posting photos and updates as I work on these projects. Hope it's interesting to some of you.