Saturday, February 17, 2007

Google Reader

In the past I used MyYahoo homepage as a way to keep up with websites. After a while though, I found that MyYahoo sometimes didn't update well and I would end up going to each of my favorite websites & blogs over and over just to read the latest posts. Last Fall I discovered Google Reader. Google Reader is a RSS reader that "reads" feeds from websites and blogs (sort of like reading the latest newsletters). Using Googler Reader, I subscribe to all of my favorite websites and Google Reader keeps track of those websites. When I go to the Google Reader webpage, it automatically updates each time there is a new post on one of those sites. I can then browse each new post as I have time. Instead of going to each website over and over, I just go to Google Reader and only view the new posts. It saves time and makes sure I don't miss any posts.

Andy Wibbels has a free video tutorial that takes you through the process of using Google Reader. This tutorial is a great way to check out Google Reader. Tutorial

If you want to try Google Reader, the site is here: