Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apple TV - I don't get it

I've read over Walter Mossberg's WSJ review of the Apple TV today. Walt seems to like it based on his conclusion

"all in all, Apple TV is a very well-designed product that easily brings the
computer and the TV together"

I don't see how it is worth the $300 msr price though if it can't act as a PVR. The Xbox 360 can do better and isn't that difficult to use either.

Here are some downers Walt mentions in the review:

  • Doesn't work with most older, non-widescreen TV sets

  • It works only with TVs that have "component" jacks and HDMI cables

  • The Apple remote control can't control the volume on either Apple TV or your TV set or audio receiver!!!

  • "You can't plug in an extra hard disk to add storage capacity, even though there's a USB port on the back and the built-in 40-gigabyte drive is too small to hold many TV shows or movies"

  • No PVR functionality. You CAN'T use the Apple TV to watch TV!!!! How crazy is this?

Bottom line, I'm much happier with my BeyondTV setup than I would be with the Apple TV. Yes, the apple tv seems to be more plug-and-play, but do I really want to get all of my TV through Itunes by paying for each show? The answer for me at least is no. Chris Lanier of course agrees with me.

You can read the review HERE